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Compare and contrast any 2 of the following professionals: dentists, pharmacists, healthcare practitioners and certified mid wives. RESEARCH ON THEIR ROLES, TRAINING AND HOW THEY RELATE TO PATIENTS.


Comparison between pharmacists and certified nurse-midwives
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A pharmacist is a health worker who is specialized in medicine and its effective use. In most cases, a pharmacist usually gives drugs to the patients according to the prescription of the doctor. On the other hand, a certified nurse-midwife is an advanced-practice nurse who is registered. Certified nurse-midwives are health workers that are trusted in giving women an alternative or option to traditional midwives in terms of service delivery. The only difference between them and the traditional ones is that the certified nurse
-midwives are trained and have a license to perform these tasks.
This health worker deals majorly with drugs or medicines. The pharmacist plays a lot of roles in the healthcare field among them is ensuring that the medicines supplied are governed by the law. Their other roles include ensuring that the patient has been given the right prescription of the medicines, giving patients advice about drugs, and ensuring that the patients are supplied with drugs. A pharmacist gives the patient directives on how to take the medicines prescribed to them. The also informs the patients on the possible reactions of the prescribed medicines with their bodies’ systems (Lambert, 2014). Most of the pharmacist responds to the patients' questions concerning medicines and gives them clarity. 

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