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Thyroid Gland and Tympanic Membrane. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Tympanic Membrane and Thyroid Gland
Using the classroom resources or Online Library, research the tympanic membrane and the thyroid gland. In a Microsoft Word document of 4 pages formatted in APA style, address each of the following criteria.
• Two focused health assessment histories
o One assessment related to the tympanic membrane and the other focused on the thyroid gland.
o The assessments can be hypothetical patients or patients you have had in the past (remember HIPAA if you are describing a previous patient).
• A description of the normal and abnormal findings of the tympanic membrane.
• Information on how to examine the thyroid gland using both the anterior and posterior methods.
• A concise note in the subjective, objective, assessment (be sure to include the NANDA diagnosis as well as the medical diagnosis), and plan (SOAP) format with each patients encountered findings.
o For a review of SOAP notes:
o SOAP Documentaion


Human Physiology
Student Name
Human Physiology
The ear drum is the other name for the tympanic membrane and it plays a vital role in hearing. It functions by receiving transmissions from the air and channeling them to the inner ear or auditory ossicles. On the other hand, the thyroid gland is situated at the base of the neck and is butterfly fashioned. Its main function in the human body is the production of hormones that regulate metabolism and thus controls crucial body mechanisms, such as breathing and body weight. Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are the most common issues that manifest in the thyroid gland. Importantly, physical and historical assessments are critical in the accurate diagnosis of the tympanic membrane and thyroid, as explored below. The paper will look at an adult with a thyroid infection and a pediatric patient suffering from ear pain.
Patient One
The pediatric patient is a two-year old child that was brought by her mother. Some of the symptoms reported by the mother include lack of appetite, nasal drainage and feeling fussy. The mother goes ahead and identifies the patient using her name and birthdate, after I introduce myself. After the information is verified by the chart, an identifying wristband is assigned to the patient. A brief examination of the mother reveals that the patient has become increasingly fussy over the past three days and she has witnessed a significant reduction in her appetite. Some of the additional information include the fact that the patient was released earlier from daycare owing to low grade fever and nasal congestion. 

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