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Professional Behavior Plan of the Future Nurse Health Essay (Essay Sample)


Use two peer reviewed articles to develop a professional behavior plan for the future nurse.


Professional Behavior Plan of the Future Nurse
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Professional Behavior Plan of the Future Nurse
Nursing students and nurses should aim to internalize professional values in order to guide behavior and become the standards of practice. Through education and socialization, nursing students’ values can be taught, changed and promoted. According to Poorchangizi et al. (2019), teaching professional values to nursing students enhances their ability to make ethical decisions in an autonomous manner.
Moreover, a nursing student can acquire emotional, cognitive, and practical skills and knowledge that will be useful in nursing profession. This paper examines key nursing professional values and how they can help nursing students make sound decisions and judgements in the course of their profession. The paper also proposes a plan for maintain nursing professional values among nursing students and nurses.
Article Summary
The study by to Poorchangizi et al. (2019) was conducted to assess the relevance of professional values from the perspective of nursing students in a nursing school in Iran. The study’s results indicate that nursing students consider four most important nursing professional values. First, maintaining patient confidentiality is viewed as the most important professional value. Second, the need to safeguard patients’ right to privacy is also considered as a fundamental professional value. The third professional value is meeting health needs of a culturally diverse population. The fourth important professional value is maintenance of competence in an area of practice.

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