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Psychiatric Taking: A Comprehensive History Including Medications (Essay Sample)


To select a patient/client recently observed, and to take a comprehensive history including medications. Also to include a genogram.


Psychiatric History Taking
Student's Name
Institution Affiliation
Demographic information
The patient is a 9-year old male child of American origin currently living in San Carlos street California. He lives with his parents in a one bedroom rental house. The patient speaks English and communicates well. The client is a Christian and goes to a nearby Catholic Church occasionally. The information was obtained from the patient's mother and confirmed by his father since the patient was uncooperative.
Presenting Problem
The patient's mother states that “He was at school when he left his seat and went outside. When called back to class he did not respond but instead started moving around other rooms in the school compound.”
History of Present Illness
The patient appears calm and restless. He is oriented to time place and person. The mother reports that she noted unusual activities a week ago when the patient left his seat while taking lunch and went to play outside. Later in the day, the client was very active, climbing trees and flowers around the homestead and he talked a lot. The mother did not take it seriously but shared the abnormal behavior with her husband. Three days later, the mother received a phone call from school that the child was not attentive in class, always spoke before his turn and seemed to disobey commands from the teachers. Reports from his colleagues at school indicated that he was a bit violent while playing and talked a lot than usual. The parents were planning to seek medical advice over the weekend before the incidence at school happened.
Past Psychiatric History
The patient has a history of inattention noted since he was seven years old. The mother reports that when he was young, he could do multiple tasks at the same time while forgetting that he was doing something else. At home, the patient is reported to go out on his own, walk in the street and later come back home while restless. Much of the symptoms have been associated with school life. The mother reports that the child has a history of losing school items like books, pens, and attire. The child could sometimes come home without the books, and when asked where he left them he could not remember. Two years ago, the patient was assigned a therapist to try and detect if any psychiatric disorder was affecting the patient, but the sessions did not go far due to lack of capital. Last year, the mother noticed that the patient had loss of interest in his studies. He could avoid reading even during exam time, and when forced to read, he couldn't keep his attention on the books. Poor performance has been observed since. No medications were used at that time, and the condition was seen to calm until a week ago.
Medical History
The client has been hospitalized three times in the past due to various conditions. The first event of hospitalization was in May 2013 due to head trauma. The mother reports that the patient fell from her back when she slipped on a wet floor and had a head injury. The patient was later diagnosed with acute head injury at the county hospital and treated for two months. According to the hospital reports, the doctors later realized that there was a subdural hematoma noted later after several tests, but it resided with treatment and observation.
The second episode of hospitalization happened in August 2015 when the patient broke his humerus after falling from the stairs. The patient was treated for three weeks and discharged home for regular checkups. The third event of admission was observed in December 2015 with a diagnosis of tonsillitis. The mother reports that he was hospitalized for three days and discharged home on medication. There were no records available on the medication used for management of the patient's conditions. All the immunization schedules are up to date. Tetanus vaccine was given at the age of 6 years after the injury that led to hospitalization in December 2015. There is no history of hypertension, diabetes or other chronic illnesses in the patient.
Substance use History
There is no history of substance abuse in the past.
Developmental History
The patient is the first child in the family, and he has stayed with his parents since birth. There are no abnormalities on the mother's side experienced during pregnancy, and she reports that the patient was born normally at a gestation of 39 weeks. He was born with a birth weight of 3.2kgs and lived a normal early childhood. The mother reports that breastfeeding was normal and he did not suffer from any life-threatening illnesses. The patient's developmental milestones were normal as other children. At the age of four years, the patient had a head injury that led to hospitalization. The mother reports that since the injury, the normal growth of the child has not been good. He has had problems coping with other children and lacks interest in studies and other important activities. He started school at the age of four years.
Family Psychiatric History
The patient's immediate family consists of his mother (age26) and his father (age 29). His father has a history of alcohol dependency reported to have started at the age of 18 years. His mother does not drink or smoke tobacco, but reports episodes of alcohol intake during her adolescent years. There is a history of alcohol and substance abuse in the family with the patient's grandfather currently being an alcohol addict. There is no history of other psychiatric disorders apart from alcohol and substance abuse in the family.
Psychosocial History
The patient stays with his parents in a one bedroom rental house. The support system available is from the parents. Life conditions and interaction with the surrounding community is good as they stay in a homestead full of other children. The mother reports that the child is disturbed with learning, and he does not like going to school. Playing with other children is normal. Support system from the neighbors and friends is also good.
History of Abuse /Trauma
There is a history of head injury at the age of 4 years where the patient fell from the back of his mother. A year later the patient broke his humerus after falling from the bed. There is no history of abuse or harassment.
Review of Systems
HEENT: There are no complaints of a headache, visual impairment, hearing loss, nose problems or a sore throat.
Respiratory: The breathing rate is normal with a breathing rate of 20b/m. Chest expansion and recoil is good. No abnormal breath sounds detected.
Cardiovascular: The heart rate is at 78b/m, and the capillary refill is at 2 seconds. There is no central or peripheral cyanosis. No abnormal heart sounds felt on auscu...

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