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Resilience and Mental Health in Nursing (Essay Sample)


the task required a topic involing resilience among healthcare proffessionals and hoe resilience would help them thrive profesionally. the aim of the paper was to identify coping strategies for nurses providing mental healthcare and how resilience can be strengthened.the coping pstrategies include resilience programs and self care. resilience can be strengthened proper security and safety measures and adequate number of trained personel.


Resilience and mental health nursing
Resilience is a developmental process that enables individuals to overcome challenging circumstances. Like all other professionals, nurses in mental health face challenges such as work overload, lack of support, poor remuneration, and environmental insecurities. The challenges stress nurses leaving them dissatisfied and demotivated in the provision of quality healthcare. Some nurses may opt to leave their countries in search of greener pastures. The goal of my resilience paper on nurses providing mental healthcare is to develop coping strategies such as resilience programs and methods of strengthening resilience to help them cope with adverse working environments.
First, the Integration of support systems helps nurses cope with the adverse working situation. Most healthcare organizations have introduced the Promoting Adult Resilience (PAR) program to cater to nurses in the mental health department (Foster et al., 2018) as a coping strategy. The program entails the application of resilience strategies such as negative self-talk management, positive self-talk, and effective ways of detaching from stressful circumstances. Senior nurses are accredited to facilitate the PAR program. The facilitators ensure efficient and regular program delivery. The leadership role played by senior managers to junior mental health nurses increases their motivation to service delivery among patients.
The nurses can also use the social-ecological approach to address and promote resilience resources across all organizational levels. To build a resilient workforce, healthcare organizations need to address the risk factors and potential barriers. Nurses can obtain support as a coping strategy from their colleagues and families. Colleague support is essential as it promotes teamwork hence improved patient care. A conducive working environment empowers mental health nurses to maximize quality delivery.

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