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Screening Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Research (Essay Sample)


advantages and disadvantages of screening


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Cancer remains to be the most common and fatalistic disease in the world. Many researchers have struggled in the fight against cancer. They have designed different methods of detecting and treating cancer screening being one of them. Screening have played a great role in both detection and treatment of cancer. It is more efficient and reliable compared to other methods of detecting and treating cancer. It is designed with measures taken to ensure they provide maximum benefit and minimum harm to patients undergoing diagnosis. However, inefficiency have been identified with screening and rectified with time. Screening have both benefits and disadvantages to patients undergoing diagnosis. The purpose of this paper is therefore to look at both the advantages and the disadvantages of screening.
Advantages of screening
Firstly, screening offers an improved way of treating early diseases. Considering the side effects of early detection methods, researchers have considered screening a more effective method of diagnosis. Additionally, its sensitivity is so high as it misses only a few patients with a disease being diagnosed. Resultantly, introduction of screening has been slowly outdoing the other methods of detection and treatment such as chemotherapy, mastectomies, and axillary (Maxim et al., 2014). However, the other methods of detection have been left to do the tasks that they best perform. For instance, mastectomies have been left to perform only extended DCIS which is fatal as it has a high risk of developing into a breast cancer. Screening is also important in eradicating fear among the patients as they not only fear their fatal disease but also going through chemotherapy, mutilating surgery and also the suffering that occurs after dissection.

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