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Sierra Leon Global Health Issues and Interventions (Essay Sample)


Many countries around the world are rapidly experiencing health epidemiologic and demographic transitions. Health trends are increasingly being monitored in developing countries due to poor health outcomes such as chronic and infectious diseases. For instance, Sierra Leone is a developing country grounded in a history of the slave trade due to the civil war in the eighteenth century that took place for ten years. Despite its long civil war history, the country has made great strides to regain political stability. The civil war in Sierra Leone ruined their economic stability. Moreover, the political instability of Sierra Leone has resulted in a dysfunctional healthcare system which has remained a challenge for the country.


Sierra Leon Global Health Issues and Interventions
Institution Affiliation
Communicable and non-communicable diseases
According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the Global Burden of Disease for the last 27 years has increased mortality due to the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases, and nutritional and neonatal diseases. Communicable diseases include Malaria, tuberculosis and Ebola, while non-communicable include chronic diseases. The burden of nutritional, neonatal, maternal, and communicable diseases is higher than the burden of non-communicable diseases as a result of endemic diseases in the country.
Malaria is a significant cause of death and a threat to the entire population of Sierra Leone. Health services treat approximately 2,200,000 people annually for Malaria, and most outpatients are children under the age of 5. The main cause of Malaria is stagnant water. The non-communicable diseases include mostly chronic disease such as cancer, hypertension, and stroke. These affect people mainly on the basis of sex, age and lifestyle.
Ebola virus is an epidemic that stroked Sierra Leone 

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