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The Community. Defining the Community (Essay Sample)


Describing the extent to which obesity is prevalent in Midway, California, and the risk factors associated with obesity.


Community Assessment Applied
Defining the Community
The community under study is Midway City, California. The subject of obesity is a serious concern to this community. This is because preliminary findings suggest that the level of obesity in this community is higher than the national level. The specific population under study is the children in elementary schools and adults. A survey of obesity status in Midway will be important for policy-makers and the government as it strives to foster a healthy lifestyle in the city.
Midway has a total population of 10,000 people, a majority of which are whites. There are 1,500 African-Americans and 500 Hispanics. The community has a median age of 37 years. A large percentage of the population falls below 45 years. This means that there is a large group of young people who are exposed to the risk factors of obesity. There are 2,000 children attending school, 35% of them are eligible for free or reduced price lunch at school.
Many of the children who take part in extracurricular activities at school are in middle and senior school levels. Participation in junior levels is limited; hence, a risk factor for child obesity. In Midway City, adult obesity prevalence stands at 325 at national level, 35% at state level and 34% at local level (CDC, 2013). The adult obesity prevalence level in higher in Midway than it is at the national level.
Data Generation
The assessment collected data through interviews. Four key informants were identified and selected for the purpose of collecting data. These were elementary school physical education instructor, park and recreation director, restaurant owner and church minister. The four were selected because they were in close contact the target groups susceptible to obesity in Midway City. The elementary school physical education teacher was in a good position to comment on the prevalence of child obesity while the church minister would shed light on adult obesity. The recreation and park director would comment on the level of physical activity among different groups of people. A restaurant owner is best placed to highlight the eating habits of people in Midway City.
The findings of this survey general show that obesity is a serious problem (CDC, 2013). To begin with, there is a change in the population attending elementary school in the past decade. Most of the children now joining elementary school are less active than they were ten years before. Secondly, the Midway Community has not done much to prevent child obesity. This is evident in elementary schools, where physical education appears only two or three times a week. Third, interest in physical activities in Midway has waned over the years. Very few families or individuals still visit recreational parks.
Moreover, there are several barriers to healthy living in Midway. Firstly, the ...
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