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Urticaria Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Research (Essay Sample)


discussion about urticaria


Cholinergic Urticaria.
Allergies are sensitive reactions that usually occur when a person's immune system responds abnormally to natural substances like dust, food, and maybe pollen. Allergic reactions represent themselves in diverse symptoms, making it hard for them to be detected easily where some are life-threatening, like urticaria. According to Mayo (2020), urticaria is a skin reaction that is characterized by hives. These hives are red and itchy welts that occur as a result of a skin reaction. Sachdeva et al. (2011) explain various types of urticaria that are common to people. They include delayed pressure urticaria (caused by pressure), cold urticaria (caused by freezing), solar urticaria (caused by exposure to the sun) cholinergic urticaria (caused by heat, stress, or exercise). In the patient scenario, the urticaria's likely cause may be due to exercise and heat experienced after spending some time on the football field. This type of urticaria experienced by the boy is called physical/ cholinergic urticaria.
(Tokura, 2016) explains cholinergic urticaria to be characterized by pruritic wheals occurring when a person sweat. When a person sweats, there is the release of histamine, which causes the plasma to escape the dermis tissues, causing local vasodilation and the activation of the skin's sensory ending, resulting in painful swelling. Patients who are hypersensitive to sweat antigens tend to develop wheals as a response to the sweat substances that leak from the dermis' syringeal ducts. The boy's symptoms that included pain and swelling, resulted from the release of histamine in his body, which reacted with the skin dermis, causing hives' formation.

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