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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Utilization Management Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


1. What is the Case Manager's role in risk management?
2. Name four utilization management (UM) tools, and their use. Give an
example for each one.
3. Include a culture in one of the examples.
4. Identify 2 quality indicators for patients in a nursing home. How
will you evaluate the achievement of the indicators?


Utilization Management
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1 What is the Case Manager's role in risk management?
According to Bigby, Fyffe, and Ozanne(2007), in risk management, the case manager's role is performing risk analyzing and constantly analyzing on conditions of a patient to ensure positive results are attained as well as find appropriate solutions through analysis of possible negative impacts. For example, a risk assessment may be performed by a case manager for patient transfer to another medical facility and create necessary plans for hazards or potential dangers.
2 Name four utilization management (UM) tools and their use. Give anexample for each one.

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