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Vital Roles of Public Health Nurses (Essay Sample)


Review two other students posts and provide feedback. All student feedback must be substantial (150 words or more). Remember, cover page and reference pages are required, however, they are not included in the word count. Do not repeat other students posted/submitted information.
Public Health Nursing in The Community
Public health nurses work with families and communities to help reduce the risk of illness, injury, and disease. The nurses work in many settings, including hospitals and community health centers. Nurses work with communities through disease prevention, treatment, and education. Collaboration with communal leader’s further aids nursing practices while nursing theories like Nightingale's theory of environment augment the practice. In addition, conducting public health activities is a QSEN competence, while basic organization and systems leadership for quality care and patient safety is a BSN essential.
Firstly, I will collaborate with community leaders and groups to aid cultural competence among nurses. Cultural competence cultivates the nurses' ability to serve the community while abiding by the norms (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2020). The duo will be pertinent stakeholders because they will help to ease any barriers between public health nurses and the community. Communal leaders will supply nurses with the cultural knowledge of my community and advise them on how to encounter society.
Secondly, Nightingale's theory of environment, Orem's self-care model, and Neuman's healthcare system are theories nurses use in their public practice. Nightingale's theory of environment aids nurses when they work in the community. The theory implies that nurses should use their knowledge of the environment to help patients and their families cope with the illness (Riegel et al., 2021). Orem's Self Care Model focuses on self-care and advocating for self-care needs as part of total care. It has three components: self-care planning, self-care management, and advocacy for others' needs. The nurse needs to understand their role to advocate for their own needs and those of other patients. Additionally, Neuman's health care system model is based on an individual's role within their family. The role is integral to determining health status because it dictates access to resources such as money, food, and housing. It also influences access to other services, such as healthcare practitioners.
Thirdly, conducting of public health activities forms part of QSEN competence. Public health nurses provide expert knowledge and skills to leaders in delivering health services, enabling them to work more effectively (Spencer, 2021). They assist health professionals in implementing effective strategies to improve population health. In addition, nurses ensure people have access to quality healthcare services. Public health nurses are also responsible for ensuring that public health actions are integrated into policies and programs and for being accountable for their effectiveness.
Lastly, basic organization and systems leadership for quality care and patient safety are critical in public health nursing. The organization of a healthcare facility is a critical factor in successfully delivering patient care (Stalter & Jauch, 2019). The organization must ensure that all medical staff, support personnel, and volunteers have access to accurate patient information. It is also essential that the organization has a structure that facilitates effective communication among staff members.
In conclusion, public health nurses play an integral role in society. They help prevent illnesses, educate the masses and treat the sick. Through a partnership with local leaders, nurses will achieve cultural competence in their practice. Additionally, systemic leadership and organizational structure are essential in nursing.
The Galveston County health district is in Texas City, TX. and provides services focused on improving public health. According to the website, it has collaborated with the Texas Association of community health Centers offering two programs focused on high-quality health care and considering reducing the disparities that are barriers for health care such as income, social support, education, housing, and early childhood development.
The county offers education classes for discussion on health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes at the clinic location and public library. The public health nurses educate the public on ways to manage diabetes, the importance of monitoring blood glucose levels, lab results in relation to the health conditions and allows the public to ask questions and/or share their experiences/feelings after recently being diagnosed with diabetes (Galveston County Health District). Public health nursing also works with the health district program in providing follow-up care for homebound patients, providing assessments, health educations, and vaccines.
The following churches located within the San Leon, TX and Bacliff, TX area: San Leon Community church, His Touch Worship Center, and Lighthouse Christian Ministries are potential partners to form a partnership with for the community. The Lighthouse Christian Ministries (His touch worship center) provides luncheons for seniors in the community, there can be also an opportunity for health education on health conditions that affect the elderly and/or providing resources for affordable health care.
For the nurse working with families within the community, the nurse must determine the best location for appointment meet with consideration of own safety. Consider the macrosystems: family cultural health beliefs, family caregiver(s), and assess the social dynamics of the family. For exosystem of the patient/family, assess the patient/family environment, workplace, school, and/or available resources (Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J., 2020).
QSEN: Teamwork and Collaboration in analyzing self and other team members strengths, limitations, and values for effective team function. Value equitable partnership with patients, families and communities in determining health promotion priorities and strategies (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2012).
BSN Essential VII: Clinical prevention and population health focuses on health along with disease and injury prevention throughout the lifespan and include assisting individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations to prepare for and minimize health consequences of emergencies, including mass casualty disasters (The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education, 2008)


Public health nurses
Public health nursing
Feedback on post #1
As a public health nurse, I understand the vital role that we play in promoting wellness, preventing illness, and reducing the risk of disease. We work closely with community leaders to utilize nursing theories such as Nightingale's theory of environment, Orem's self-care model, and Neuman's healthcare system to guide our practice. These theories provide a framework for us to develop and implement effective public health interventions.
I believe that performing public health activities is an essential component of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) education, specifically in organizational and systems leadership for quality care and patient safety. It is also a Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competency, which reinforces the importance of public health in nursing practice. As a nurse, I strive to apply these theories and competencies in my work to ensure that I am providing the best possible care for my patients.
While I believe that the author effectively conveys their knowledge of nursing theories, QSEN competencies, and BSN essentials in public health nursing practice, I also think that providing more in-depth explanations of the theories would have been helpful for better reader comprehension. By providing more detailed explanations of these theories, nurses can better understand how they can apply them in their work.

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