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Weight cutting (Essay Sample)


It involves weight cutting practice in athletes


Weight Cutting
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Weight Cutting
The success of a national team is dependent on a coach trying to identify the correct features that athletes should possess. This is dependent on various attributes like weight, height, age, and talents. However, there are various attributes and skills like physiological that coaches lack to completely identify. A normal athlete is said to have less weight, much drawn looking, and lighter. Posture, stature, size and physiological factors greatly influence an athlete. The aspect of lesser weight has led to many athletes indulging themselves in various weight reduction practices (Davis, 2008 p 45). Some of these practices include weight cutting, an attribute that is harmful to the health of an athlete. This document is detailed in explaining how weight cutting influences the competitive nature of a person, and its effects on an athlete’s health. The paper also goes ahead to give detailed information on how an athlete can use better methods of reducing weight.
Weight cutting is a practice that is on the rise and being practiced by various athletes. Weight cutting is the process of rapid loss of weight before the start of a sporting competition (Mosley, & Spencer, 2013 p 75). This process happens most frequently with a motive of qualifying for a lower class weight or in sports where they regard little weight as being advantageous. There are different methods of weight cutting including the loss of weight in regards to muscles and fats before an event, and the loss of weight in regards to water during the final days prior to the competition (Mosley, & Spencer, 2013 p 77). Nutritionists warn that if weight cutting is done well, it can give an advantage in regards to winning, thus if it is done badly, it can lead to serious effects on the health of an athlete.
The practice of weight cutting as explained by nutritionist is harmful to the health of an athlete. Additionally, nutritionists say that weight cutting is not a practice that is recommended for athletes as it can lead to the death of an athlete. Some of the harmful effects attributed with this practice include brain injuries. This is an aspect that is caused by dehydration. Consequently, the loss of water in the body results to brain damage. This is led by the fact that they tend to become more susceptible to musculoskeletal, and tendons. This may spill over to brain injuries, and rapidly weakening their cardiovascular systems (Vaccariello, & Jackson, 2012 p 83). Consequently, this is an aspect that makes it impossible for athletes to compete well, and may end up dying while in the competition. Doctors and nutritionists also warn that weight cutting could lead to temporal deafness. Additionally, nutritionists also state that athletes should be careful as they replenish their lost weight and water as they can consume beverages, which may lead to bloat.
Admittedly, there are a number of ways through which athletes can use to reduce weight. Some of these methods include diet control. This is achieved through eating healthy. Generally, the loss of fats makes athletes attain a higher strength in regards to mass ratio or even achieve lean weight. Additionally, it means that less fats and more muscles will enhance and give them a competitive advantage over other athletes who weigh the same weight. The issue of supplementation is also important in the reduction of fats. Some of the various supplements that are necessary for fat reduction include Green tea. This tea is said to have an effect in the increment of metabolic rate. The acid called Conjugated linoleic, found in milk, lamb, beef, and cheese, is said to have an impact in the reduction of body fat in people who exercise (Davis, 2008 p 95).
The other method, which is said to be a bit difficult, is the loss of fats, while retaining muscles. Athletes who desire to have a weight loss that is rapid can choose to eat low protein, with an aim of sacrificing their muscle mass. Consequently, this is an aspect that athletes fail to put in mind, as they aspire to maximize fat loss, while they minimize muscle loss. A better way when losing weight that enhances the minimization of muscle loss is resistance training (Vaccariello, & Jackson, 2012 p 103). This is entitled when aerobic training is involved. However, the i...
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