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The Task Was To Evaluate Of We Can Have A United State Of Africa (Essay Sample)


The Task Was To Evaluate Of We Can Have A United State Of Africa


United States of Africa
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United States of Africa
Unification of countries is not a new concept in the world. In fact, many states have come into existence through the process. For instance, Britain came to be after 13 loosely connected countries came together to form one stable state. Similarly, China came about after unification of various kingdoms. Apart from that, people claim it is a significant challenge to unite countries such as Italy and Spain. However, they were unified under the Roman Empire for centuries. Major Powers as seen today are as a result of a conglomeration of historically unique nations. In this regard, the unification of African states is a debate that has been in existence for decades. Arguably, unifying these countries would lead to a realization of more economic benefits and creation of a uniform currency.
Although the majority argues that unifying Africa could be more beneficial, sufficient evidence is available to show that doing so would aggravate challenges experienced by the continent. For instance, the idea is relatively new as most states received their independence in the past decades. Therefore, the states are open to new national identities and the urge to grow democratically and economically are rife. For instance, Rwanda would not welcome such move to unify the countries as it is recovering from genocides and its economy is relatively stabilizing. South Africa on the other hand, would object to the unifying move since it is the richest and economically stable state (Fioramonti & Mattheis, 2016). Therefore, they would perceive like their wealth is targeted to assist the unstable countries.
Nonetheless, it would be plausible to unify African countries for various reasons and benefits for each state. Foremost, it would be easier to pool investment resources together for maximal outputs. The unification would ensure the continent has enough money that would be invested in the large-scale production of agricultural and industrial good as well as services. The countries would have a substantial financial ground and would not require funding from World Bank and other international funders. Notably, it is usually a major challenge for African countries to raise funds ne

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