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Briefly Discuss Female Circumcision Among Kisii People (Essay Sample)


briefly discuss female circumcision among kisii people


Female Circumcision among Kisii People
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Female Circumcision among Kisii People
Gender violence against women is a total violation of human rights as well as a type of discrimination against female gender and it entails all acts of gender-based violence that are likely to result in a number of issues (Patra & Singh, 2015). These issues are sexual, physical, psychological or suffering to women, which are not limited to threats of such form of acts, coercion deprivation of liberty, occurring in private or in public life. This paper entails female circumcision among Kisii people in Kenya. The paper entails on how Female Circumcision among Kisii People enhances gender violence especially among women; the background of female circumcision practice among Kisii people as well as the positive reasons for female circumcision practice among Kisii people. Finally, the discussion of reasons to justify female circumcision practice among Kisii people, nonviolent activities suggested to Kisii community to assist them to change their attitudes towards this practice to empower the girl/woman in this ethnic community (Patra & Singh, 2015). 
How Female Circumcision among Kisii People enhances gender violence especially among women
Female Genital Mutilation is a common practice among Kisii community found in western part of Kenya. In a number of cultures, the transition of both girls and boys into adulthood is always marked by an initiation ceremony. This ceremony is done under the strict guideline of cultural believes of the society. However, for the Kisii community, ceremonies of initiation rituals are as well performed on both gender; boys and girls. These particular traditional ceremonies happen on annual basis at around the finishing point of the harvesting season and it always lasts from September to December (Patra & Singh, 2015). The ceremonies of the girls are typically done before of the boys and both events culminate in circumcision ceremony.
As from the beginning, the rites of initiation for both sexes were done during late adolescence as a way to prepare for marriage or, in other terms, to make the youngsters marriageable. It is done with the traditional logic of marriage preparation but in consideration of health issues, Female Genital Mutilation is gender violence where it goes against wishes of well being of female individuals (Wangila, 2015). This practice is performed by an old specialized female in the society who is well respected as people who understand Kisii traditional values among female genders. Despite, boys removing foreskins, young girls undergo one of the painful Female Genital Mutilation. These girls are then kept hidden away from the public and family domain for a specific period with the sole purpose to be taught community values as well as the behavioral ways of maturity and womanhood.
The background of female circumcision practice among Kisii people
Female circumcision among Kisii community started a long time ago. Kisii people are among Bantus who migrated from Congo forest through northern Uganda into their current occupation. This practice was first done by female Kisii elders who were believed to be pure before the eyes of the entire community. Among the Kisii people, FGC is a common cultural practice which is deeply rooted in their tradition (Wangila, 2015). Nowadays, as in the history, and like other African communities, Female circumcision is primarily carried out as a passage rite from childhood to womanhood. This means that for one to be recognized as a Kisii lady, one must pass through circumcision rite. Despite various issues arising from such form of practice, even elite groups in the society are still supporting it due to deep believing to their customs and believe.
The positive reasons for female circumcision practice among Kisii people
The first and foremost reason for female circumcision practice among Kisii people is a circumcised lady makes a good wife. The society believes that female circumcision prepares young ladies for their community and family roles. During this time of the event, they are thought on how to behave when they are married and as well they are though on how to deal with their spouses. Additionally, during this period of initiation, the community is transformed since it is joined by a certain group of young circumcised ladies who believe to work beyond other levels. Therefore, girls undergoing this process are a positive idea that will see them become the most responsible mothers in the society as compared to those who never pass through this particular practice (Patra & Singh, 2015). Therefore, as among Kisii people, once girls undergo through FG

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