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American Indian History: Issues Related to Indigenous Communities in the US (Essay Sample)


The task presented a summary and analysis of two articles related to American Indian history. The first article, titled "Diné Women and Livestock Reduction in the New Deal Era," discusses the government's efforts to improve livestock production among the Navajo people during the New Deal era. The government's intervention disregarded the crucial role of Navajo women in livestock production and management. Traditionally, women were responsible for caring for the livestock, but the government's intervention led to decreased autonomy for women and reduced attention to the welfare of the livestock. The article emphasizes the importance of including Dine women in development efforts and recognizes their significant role in sustaining herds through their experience and knowledge.
The second article, "The Ongoing Crisis of Missing Murdered Indigenous Women in the US," highlights the long-standing issue of missing American Indian and Alaska Native women in the United States. The National Crime Information Center reported 5,712 cases of missing indigenous women as of 2019, but law enforcement had conducted no investigations into these disappearances. The article attributes this problem to systematic racism and economic inequality.
In the summary, both articles shed light on significant issues related to indigenous communities in the United States. The first article challenges the perception of women as powerless victims of colonialism and underscores the importance of acknowledging the role of indigenous people in understanding North American history. The second article highlights the ongoing crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women, exposing the role of native Americans in sexual trafficking, abuse, and murder of these women in the US.
The combined analysis emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting the roles of indigenous women and communities in the country's history and development efforts. It also urges action to address the ongoing crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women, promoting awareness and combating the systemic racism and inequality that contribute to this issue. Overall, these articles bring attention to critical aspects of American Indian history and contemporary challenges faced by indigenous communities in the United States.


American Indian History
American Indian History
The article, Diné Women and Livestock Reduction in the New Deal Era narrates about the experience that the government had in their attempt to improve livestock production among the Navajo people. In these efforts, the government had tried to improve livestock production while ignoring the crucial role of the Navajo women in livestock production and its management. Traditionally, the women had been responsible for the livestock and their welfare but once the government intervened, there was evidence that both the women and the livestock suffered. Specifically, the women suffered decreased autonomy in the production process while the livestock suffered decreased care and attention. The article therefore points to the importance of the Dine women in the breeding and management of livestock and the satisfaction achieved by the women in the process.
The article highlighted the important role played by the Dingo women in the production and management of livestock. The article is significant 

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