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Fitness Method And Evaluation: Jocko Johnson's Profile Study (Essay Sample)


Personal case study


Case Study
Institutional Affiliation
Date of Submission
Jocko Johnson-Profile Study
1. The Client's BMI is 26.38
2. Client's BMR is 2035.1 kcal/day
3. The client's target rate of 60% and 80% using the Karvina
At 60% intensity, Target HR = 141
At 80% intensity, Target HR = 165
Fitness Method and Evaluation
According to his profile, he used to involve in various games activities including athlete, soccer player and baseball. For him to gain the excellent shape so that he can be able to compete with other bodybuilders, he should first test his fitness first. Before planning for any training schedule, some tests should be done to evaluate his strength. In this case, several body parts should be measured, e.g., the size of the chest, neck, the condition of the arm, waist, hip and the thigh. For maximum ability, Jocko to perform better full fitness is required, and they include:
Cardiovascular test.
Playing football and athletics involves a lot of running and walking, cardiovascular test greatly preferred. This involves the whole body in motion, and his strength can be determined regarding stamina and breathing. He should run for about 20 minutes on a routine, and the distance cover determined, this will help to judge the potential and the strength.
Flexibility test
It includes sit and reach to test the legs. Sit and reach box may be required as the equipment to use or a ruler and a step. The whole exercise can be done by sitting on the floor and with the legs stretched toward the head. The feet are positioned flat in the box and it's done barefooted. Jerky movements should not be encouraged. After testing the flexibility, the program will become appropriate to his the fitness level and goal.
Strength and Power Test
Testing strength and endurance may involve doing the maximum push up, sit up and squats for a maximum of 1 minute each. By doing all this the upper and lower body strength can be determined and judged.
Stability test
Stability testing it involves testing the stability of the body. The clients should stand for about two minutes on one leg. Maximum of one day rest is required to allow the suitable amount of muscle recovery.
The training scheduled was divided depending upon the results that were obtained after all the test that are discussed above which included the training six days in a week and one day for rest which is Sunday. It may also include two circuits of core-focused and bodyweight movements.
WEEK 1-WEEK 3: Basic Strength
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
In this session the every exercise includes 50-70 seconds rest between the sets. The design includes 15 minutes for workout basically on Monday, then followed by the setup circuit on Tuesday. Squats that is the leg press up was done twice every 10 and 15 minutes. The repetitions of about 10-15 using the incline bench. On pushups done on Mondays 10 times to increase the muscles and the chest and increase the chest muscles. Standing calf raises that's one to two sets to help in arm, chest, and muscle strength. The shoulder press to be done repeated in Wednesdays about 10-15 minutes and done twice to help in body and muscle. For abdominal stretch and loss of weight crunches, Back extensions are to be done after every 2 minutes and repeated 15 times. Cables pushdown and seated BD curl did on Friday, two sets done and repetition of the same done 10-15 seconds.
Aerobic done on Tuesday and Thursday, by running about 20 to 45 minutes. Running to be done every morning at around 6 am and 5 am, this helps to kill body calories and strengthen the muscles and increase the stability of the body. On Saturday around 6 am jogging for 40 seconds and doing press up for 5 minutes to make the body active and reducing the body weight.
WEEKS 4-9 (PHASE 2) Strength
On Monday quads, harm springs and calf are practiced. It will help to increase both the strength and muscle weight. They incl

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