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The Sad And Bloody Days Of Our History: Causes Of The First World War (Essay Sample)


the sample is about causes of world war i the task is to examine the causes of world war 1


Causes of World War 1
Course Name
Causes of World
War brings about the loss of life, property, lands, and displacement of individuals. There are various factors that contribute to the development of war among nations. This paper examines the causes of world war 1.It brings out the origin of World War 1 which took place in August 1914. World War 1 was made up of Allied powers and Central powers.
The philosophy that culture of a certain nation is greater than other, extending of one rule to other foreign nations due to policy, nation competing with each other, maintenance of strong military so as to defend or protect the interest of the nation and, countries forming unions contributed largely to World war 1.
In case of an attack on other countries, war unions wanted them to be protected given that those attacking them were main members of other war unions. Rigidity among unions of nations with able military provided grounds for war. The assassination of Frances Ferdinand who was an Austrian together with his spouse due to nationalism led to the implication of Yugoslavia by Austria. (Keegan, 2014).
It wanted to attack but feared Russia that was a protectorate of Yugoslavia given the treaty, as Germany pushed Austria to attack Yugoslavia

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