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The Battle of San Jacinto Summary (Essay Sample)


the paper required the student to ientify and describe the events that led to The Battle of San Jacinto


The Battle of San Jacinto
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Battle of San Jacinto
It took place on 1836, April 21, in Harris County, Texas, near San Jacinto. This battle was one of the most significant fights for the independence of Texas under Sam Houston, who launched an unexpected attack on Antonio Lopez Mexican forces, and Texas defeated and captured Antonio Lopez and his army within 20 minutes. This battle changed the future of Texas and America and also ended the fight for independence. All this started during the 1820s when the people of Texas won their independence from Spain’s rule.
It all started when Mexico invited and welcomed Americans to an overpopulated Texas. Many foreigners from America, led by their leader Stephen F. Austin decided to settle alongside river Brazos between 1793 and 1836. In no time, the population of Americans in Mexico started to go up and outnumbered the Mexican people. Americans forced Mexicans to migrate from their states so that their can occupy the land. After an extended period, many Americans moved to Texas to find a better life. As the population of Americans increased, they started to disagree with the Mexican Ruling government. In the 1830s, the Mexican government decided to regulate the number of Americans coming to their country, which led to rebellion.. The cause of the uprising was the slave trade, which Americans introduced. They were forced to become Christians and practice Catholicism; which caused many outbursts and retaliation towards the Mexican government. Later on, the Mexican government was forced to stop immigration from America.[Nance, Joseph Milton. After San Jacinto: The Texas-Mexican Frontier, 1836-1841. University of Texas Press, 2011.] [Brown, Susan Taylor. Enrique Esparza and the Battle of the Alamo. Lerner Classroom, 2010.]
However, after many skirmishes against the Mexican military, Mexico decided to retreat from Texas for a short period. In 1835 their ruler, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, decided to oust the Mexico's government. He planned to seize control of all Mexicans, and subsequently send military forces to go to the northern part and safeguard Mexican authority. Later that year in October, the Mexican government formed cannon called "Come and Take it," a movement given for all Texans to fight all Native Americans off the land. The confrontations finally led to the Texas battle for independence.
Considering that Texas had won the first battle, the battle of Gonzales was a daunting one as most of them were farmers and were up against an army that was well trained, equipped, and significant in numbers. In most of their areas such as Goliad and Alamo, most of the soldiers did not have enough training but had to fight for independence. They however failed to stand up against the enemy and accepted defeat. When the news of what happened in Goliad reached General Sam Houston's desk, he noticed that there was need for serious training to compete with their enemy and had to retreat to River Colorado be..Moreover, news of the massacre in the Alamo reached him, and he decided to withdraw again. His troops were beginning to think Sam Houston as a coward with a consideration that his army was not as large as the one defeated at Alamo.[Subuh, Kareem. "Alamo and San Jacinto battles and their military and political results, 1835-1836."] [Subuh, Kareem. "Alamo and San Jacinto battles and their military and political results, 1835-1836."]
After deciding to move eastward’s, the situation worsened, the dirt roads and heavy rains caused the roads to become mud rivers.. However, despite the condition worsening, his biggest concern was saving his own life. When people realized that he was not going to fight back, many people planned to oust him as their commander by sending him several threats if he left. Sam Houston knew that his soldiers needed training but ignored pleas from his commanders.[Brown, Susan Taylor. Enrique Esparza and the Battle of the Alamo. Lerner Classroom, 2010.]
For several weeks, Santa Anna decided to pursue all Texans using central Texas. Santa Anna took more than 975 soldiers to Harrisburg place where the Texas government was stationed. When Houston heard that Santa Anna was planning to take

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