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Steps of Writing a Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Describe the first 5 steps of writing a research paper. Write at least one paragraph for each step.


Steps of writing a research paper
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The research paper can be defined as the expanded writing that presents one's interpretation, the evaluation, or even a given argument. For one to write or put down their arguments, many resources need to help in the process of evaluating the idea concerning the subject matter (, 2017). Therefore, for a quality presentation of the ideas, there are five main steps that one can follow to make a good presentation of the ideas over the given subject. Thus this paper discusses the five steps followed in writing a research paper as follows;
Choosing the topic
The topic of the research usually may or may not be given by the teacher to the students. If the topic is given, the teacher assigns the students a topic of the research on the area they will base on and write their report on the area. Here, the students are closed to a specific area where the base and present their work. Therefore, the students read and put down their arguments about the topic down using their own words (, 2017). Otherwise, if the topic is not provided, the students are free to choose the topic of their choice. Choosing the topic makes the students think; thus, they become more creative and more original to their work.
Data collection
Data collection is a step that requires more practical work to be done using both the available sources, such as the primary and the secondary sources. Sources such as books and journals are useful in this step (, 2017). Besides the books and journals, outside sources such as the, interviews, surveys, and other field works are also outside sources. In the process of data collection, there are no limits that restrict the methods. The researcher can use as many as possible sources to gather enough information.
Evaluation of the materials
After collecting the information, the research should deeply evaluate the data based on the previous authors' work collected and personal findings. Evaluating the information collected should be done free of prejudices and biases to make it your work (, 2017). However, despite it being your work, it should not contain your arguments or thinking but should show what you have gained from studying the sources you used.
Organizing of the ideas
After a step-by-step evolution of the materials, you should now organize the information in an orderly manner. Make a good organization of the information such that writing it down can be very easy for you, and even making the presentation of the informati

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