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The City of Pearland and Official's Positions (Essay Sample)


Select a city in Texas (other than Houston) which starts with the same letter as your last name. If you cannot find a city that fits this requirement, e-mail me through Canvas or HCC email and I will help. Check the Internet for a Texas map that includes cities. There are many out there.
See this information in the Introductory Materials module: Information for all Essay Format Assignments.


The City of Pearland and Official's Positions

This bustling and picturesque city is governed by a manager/council government structure according to Home Rule Charter that citizens adopted in 1971. Therefore, the city council is ultimately the policy-making and legislative system of the city. It constitutes seven democratically elected members for a three-year term (Haggerty, 2020). The Council and Mayor ensure community leadership and progressive policies to pilot the city towards dispatching various services, attaining the community’s objectives, and spreading awareness of citizen involvement.
Mayor – Monday, April 25th city of Pearland elected Kevin Cole as the MayorMayor. His responsibilities include providing adequate leadership, creating policies to deliver services, and meeting community goals. The MayorMayor was elected at large and had a four years term. The average annual pay is $86801 (Elliot, 2021). This is approximately $41.73 per hour.
Mayor pro-tem – He works to consistently build new legislation, control the budget’s city, and oversee the city’s administration. A council member position two. His responsibilities are providing exemplary leadership to the city (Tony Carbone).
City Councilmember - Position 3 - Elected at large for three years staggered term. He gives effective leadership. Encourage citizen awareness (Alex Kamkar).
City Councilmember - Position 6 – Effective and efficient leadership to the community. Elected at large with three years staggered term. Must promote awareness of citizens. The average income is < $ 500 (Jefferey Barry).
City Councilmember - Position 1 – Elected at large into their position with a three-year staggered term. They must give good leadership t their members by promoting harmony and accountability. The average salary is < $ 400 (Joseph Koza).
City Councilmember - Position 5 – Elected at large for three years staggered term. This position requires one to exercise leadership accountability efficiently (Hopkin, 2022). Compensation < $ 350 (Layne Cade).
City Councilmember - Position 7 – Essential position in the council that is elected accordingly, three-year staggered term. The person holding this office must give excellent leadership to the community (Woody Owens).

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