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The rise of feminism in the world History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The task was about the rise of feminism in the world


The Rise of Feminism in The World
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The Rise of Feminism in The World
Feminism can be defined as a wide range of objectives and philosophies that focus on promoting gender equality for women. Traditionally, women were not considered equal to men. These lead to their mistreatment, and they were never given any critical role in society to play. As a result, these lead to the rise of feminism activism that underwent several waves to date.
The first wave of feminism wave can be traced back during World War I. It was led by a group of women from the National Women party who camped outside the white house with banners and placated. They were advocating for the rights of women to vote as well as raising concerns about governance which was largely dominated by men. The kind of movement spread to entire Europe and other continents. According to Chase (2020), a convention called Seneca was held, and among the issues that were discussed included equal rights in religion society and civil. The activities paved the way for the second wave.

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