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The Future of Cyber Warfare. IT & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


what is the future of cyber warfare? how will the war be fought? how are the global countries including the us prepared for the warfare? the paper should follow chicago format with not less than four scholarly sources


The Future of Cyber Warfare

While cyber warfare used to exist only in movies, currently it is no longer science fiction. Countries have realized that cyberspace can be a potent military space if the right resources are deployed. Warfare has evolved thanks to technological advancement. Nowadays, military battles have changed due to the sophistication of weaponry. Earlier on, say during the First World War, the deadliest weapons included machine guns, tankers, and rifles. During the Second World War, technology had evolved to the extent that atomic bombs came into being. Currently, the new wave of warfare has shifted from battlefields to cyberspace. Cyberwarfare is a severe attack deadlier than a physical attack that involves the use of digital attacks, including computers. Although cyber warfare is still talked in low tones in several countries, it is already experienced amongst states and state-sponsored corporations. Even though uncertainty still surrounds cyber warfare, apparently its future is infinite, yet predictable.

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