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The Human Rights Violations Law Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The task at hand was to discuss human rights violations outlining case scenarios regarding human rights violations and the effects on the society


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Human Rights Violations
Human rights abuses have met challenges on how to resolve them. Violations of these rights include denial to adequate shelter and food, equal working opportunities, and exclusion from making decisions in a society. The discussion herein focuses on whether to apply force or not while settling these violations. Human rights ensure people have access to education, food, shelter, protection of marginalized groups, choose their religion, and how they want to be governed (Langness, 2018, p.1).
Using Force to Curb Human Rights Violations
Using force, in many cases, causes more harm to the people. For instance, sending anti-riot police to disperse a peaceful protest may trigger unrest and violence as protestors may feel that their right of expression is not respected by the authority (Reisman,1990, p.869). Another case scenario is where the military chooses to bomb a certain area where they feel terrorists might be hiding and the bombing ends up killing innocent citizens and others forced to vacate their land

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