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Lack of Faith in Politicians (Essay Sample)


This is a discussion of some of the reasons why people have lost faith in their politicians.


Lack of Faith in Politicians
Lack of Faith in Politicians
Many people today have lost faith in their politicians. This has been contributed by the dirty tricks, which politicians play in order to get popular votes from citizens. In addition, some of the unethical acts done by some politicians have also made citizens lose faith in them. It is amazing how some of the politicians change their behavior once they win in the elections. Before they are elected, they normally conduct themselves in an ethical manner, even the axiom ‘politics is a dirty game’ does not exist in their vocabulary. This paper explores some of the reasons why people have lost faith in their politicians.
One of the most contributing reasons as to why people have lost faith in their politicians is corruption. Many politicians have been accused of misappropriation of public funds. Instead of using what the government allocates for different development projects in their areas, they allocate a portion of these funds for their personal projects. In addition, some politicians allocate the various jobs in their offices to their relatives neglecting the rest of applicants who may even be more qualified for these jobs (Heywood, 1997).
People have also lost faith in politicians because of the fact that they do not keep their promises. Politicians give many promises during the election period but few fulfill even half of their promises. Some politicians initiate projects during the election period in order for their supporters to have faith in them. The moment they are elected, they no longer concentrate on these projects until the next election period. In addition, some of the dirty tricks played by politicians in order to win in the election have made most of their citizens to lose faith in them. For instance, some politicians give out cash to voters so that they may win their votes. Others embark in tarnishing other politicians’ titles.
Another reason contributing to lack of faith in politicians is the many scandals they are associated with, and how they bend laws to cover them. Many politicians have been accused of different assassinations of various prominent leaders. They plot these killings so that they may cover some of their evil deeds (Heywood, 1997). In addition, political leaders are usually associated with immoral acts like drug trafficking in various countries. Although different governments have put measures to stop drug trafficking in their countries, it is amazing how many politicians are still involved in this illegal business. Their involvement in this immoral business has made many citizens to lose trust in them (Aristotle & Saunders, 1995).
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