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Prison Life (Essay Sample)


The paper was on comparison between inmates in jails and prisons. The paper brings out the dissimilarities and similarities between inmates in prisons and their counterparts in jails. It does this based on the degree of crimes that the occupants of these two distinct correctional centers committed. It also considers the sentences that the inmates are serving. It takes into account the level of security, the size of the institutions, the authorities in charge of the centers, and the resources available to the inmates. It also gives the similarities between the inmates. It includes an outline that summarizes the entire essay.


Prison Life

Topic: Prison Life
Introduction: There is always a lot of confusion when it comes to finding the differences and similarities between inmates in jails and their counterparts in prisons. The confusion extends to the backgrounds that may have led female and male convicts to prisons.
Comparing situations of inmates locked up in jails and those locked up in prisons.
Differences that distinguish inmates locked up in jails from those held in prisons.
Similarities between inmates locked in jails and their counterparts serving their sentences in prisons.
Comparing the criminal backgrounds of female and male inmates locked prisons.
Crimes that can lead to men’s conviction, but cannot lead to women’s conviction.
Crimes committable by both men and women and may result in their conviction to prisons.
Conclusion: Inability to compare prison situations and those of jails can be because of inadequate information about the two types of correctional centers. People should find time to visit jails and prisons in order to get more information about the two centers.
Prison Life
In most cases, people find themselves unable to differentiate jails from prisons. Others even end up with difficulties in comparing the backgrounds of male and female inmates. This may be due to lack of adequate information about the general criminal life, and poor culture of visiting inmates (Flowers, 1995).
There are differences and similarities between inmates in jails and those locked up in prisons. Inmates in jails are either waiting for their trial, or have been convicted for jail terms that are less than one year while inmates in prisons have either been convicted for committing criminal offences or are serving sentences that are more than one year. Inmates in jails are under the custody of local authorities like county governments while inmates in prisons are under the custody of the state or country governments. Inmates in jails enjoy very few social amenities while their counterparts in prison enjoy a wide range of amenities that are available to them. This is due to the difference in sizes of the facilities, which allows prisons to have the ability to host so many amenities compared to jails. Inmates in jails are not under very tight security while their counterparts in prisons are always under very tight security. Inmates in jails are normally small in number while inmates in prisons have the greatest number. Inmates in jails are locked up together regardless of the crimes they committed, or are suspected to have committed while those in prisons are put behind bars in different areas and according to the degree of their crimes. Despite the differences between inmates in jail and their counterparts in prisons, there are similarities between the two groups of convicts. Inmates in jails and prisons are all treated as criminals, and there is always security to stop them from escaping. Both inmates in prisons and jails may have committed a certain crime or are suspected to have committed crimes. Inmates in jails and prisons all have limited freedom (Seiter, 2011).
Inmates, both male and female, have backgrounds that led them to the prisons or jails. In all the backgrounds of both female and male inmates, there exist some similarities and differences. There are those factors that could have led to the conviction of male inmates, but did not and cannot lead to the conviction of female inmates. For example, male inmates may have backgrounds of rape while female inmates cannot be convicted for cases that relate to rape. This is because biologically, women cannot get involved in rape cases. Male inmates could have backgrounds that relate to cases of sodomy while their female counterparts may never have backgrounds of such cases. There are also backgrounds that may be common in...
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