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Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Healthcare (Essay Sample)


Significance of Healthcare in our Daily lives and Current situation of it.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Healthcare
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Healthcare
Free healthcare involves the social influencing concept, which gives people an opportunity to seek a healthy life despite their constraining social and economic status. In implication, free healthcare is a concept to imply that wellness services are provided at no cost. The provision of free healthcare is fundamentally essential for the growth and development of a healthy society. However, In modern society, the ideal situation of free healthcare seems impossible to accomplish. Consequently, this raises skepticism that explores how to implement free healthcare and make it work efficiently. Therefore, providing free healthcare is essential to the citizens, especially to the low-income earners. However, this service may have its drawbacks and hence may also be costly.
The first essential benefit of free healthcare is that it eliminates unnecessary competition. Often, competitive economies may be having healthy growth except for the healthcare sector. Competitive economies operate in a free-market system that targets high-income earners. This is a critical issue that may prevent low-income earners from accessing vital healthcare services. Therefore, free health care that operates as a universal system focuses on offering quality care regardless of an individual's income level. Another essential significance of free healthcare is that it reduces administration costs. Higher administration costs are more likely to be experienced in the free-market economy because of the countless number of private agencies involved in the process of purchasing medical resources (Papanicolas et al., 2018). Under the free healthcare system, the government plays a significant role by acting as an agency that controls prices. Besides, free healthcare improves the child's health. The free healthcare system may provide financial incentives to the parents, enabling children to access health facilities.
On the contrary, free healthcare has the potential of degrading the quality of service. The most probable reason is that free services instantly spike the number of patients in hospitals. In implication, the doctors and nurses have to attend to a busy schedule that changes their goals from correctly diagnosing patients to treating as many patients as possible. In terms of gov

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