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Analysis Of The Leading Change in Nursing Organizations (Essay Sample)


Leading Change in nursing organizations


Leading Change
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Leading Change
Just like other organisations in the contemporary world, healthcare organisations require leaders that possess the right skills and techniques to manage the implementation of large-scale changes within the healthcare sector. According to Anonson et al. (2014), a nurse leader should have a sense of optimism, a passion for nursing, and be an excellent mentor and role model. The leader should also be able to establish personal connections with staffs through adequate communication. Finally, the professional should be able to use moral principles in managing crises (Annonson et al., 2014). When our team of community nurses that handled patients with complex nursing needs started encountering challenges in using the handwritten visit folder to plan patient care and future visits, it was evident that the organisation required an electronic caseload system to address the problem as noted by Bellaguarda et al. (2015). Apparently, we had to undergo a change process that would roll out the new system.
The electronic caseload system would improve the efficiency of planning patient care and care continuity as noted by Chapman et al. (2017). The three-step change implementation process started with receiving psychological support to “unfreeze” from our comfort zone and realise the significance of the new system towards improving patient care. In the next step that involved moving the change, the system was rolled out in all departments, and all practitioners requested to stop using handwritten files to store and retrieve patient information. In the final phase, the nurse leader and change leader used team involvement and open communication to empower all nurses and other physicians to embed and embrace the change. At the conclusion of the change process, it was apparent that the organisation had done an

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