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The Link Between Animals' Social Status and Vegetarianism (Essay Sample)


writing a one page essay on The link between animals' social status and vegetarianism


The Link Between Animals’ Social Status and Vegetarianism
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The Link Between Animals’ Social Status and Vegetarianism
Animals' moral status is much granted by vegetarianism by preventing the development and spread of animals' diseases, restriction of species-typical behavior, and waste products in the form of greenhouse gases.
There exists an identifiable link between vegetarianism and animals' moral status. For instance, abstaining from meat prevents the development and spread of disease in animals. To meet the need for animal meat by consumers, farmers tend to raise many animals. The rearing of a large number of animals helps farmers enjoy economies of scale advantage. However, raising many animals indoors prompts congestion leading to rapid development and disease spread in animals (Spencer, 2020). On the other hand, vegetarianism discourages animals' rearing since there is no high demand for animal meat. Consequently, no disease spreads when few or no animals are being bred.
Secondly, vegetarianism links to animals' moral status by maintaining species-typical behavior. When raising a large number, Tightly packing animals minimizes their movement, mainly indoor animal rearing, consequently restricting species-typical behavior. For example, tight-packing pigs lead to rooting hence antisocial behavior like tail-biting (Spencer, 2020). Also, in chickens, congestion limits dust-bathing, making them stressed and start pecking each other. However, vegetarianism helps maintain animals' social behaviors and comfort.
Finally, vegetarianism links to animals' social status by preventing excessive waste production and greenhouse gas emissions from animals. When the waste and greenhouse gases' quantities concentrate, water supplies

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