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Dealing with failure (Essay Sample)

the task required of me to address whether it was easy to accept failure and the impact that failure has on those who lose in competitions they undertake. i first started by addressing how failure could be hard to accept but has no other choice other than to accept it. i then concluded with how failure could be hard to accept but one has no other choice other than to accept it. source..
Dealing with Failure Student’s Name: Institution: Date: Dealing with Failure Introduction Accepting failure is not easy, and many do not find it easy to deal with it no matter how many times they fail. Failure tends to instill feelings of unworthiness in us, therefore, shaking off those negative feelings could be an uphill task. Just as much as winning makes us feel good about ourselves, failure could best be taken as a lesson to help us prepare for the next test. Failure is mostly associated with the tendency of being less intelligent, not putting in our all, or not following instructions. This explains why those who fail in whatever challenge that they are undertaking, are looked down upon. People tend to perceive failures negatively, without stopping to imagine what that judgment does to one's self belief and esteem (Helzer & Dunning, 2012). The judgment that comes with failure is what makes it even harder to deal with. Being ridiculed for failure makes it impossible for the victim to accept it and move on without disregarding themselves. Feeling less able prompts one to judge themselves and therefore sink into a state of self-pity and hate (Fancourt, 2012). The best way to deal with failure is to first mentally prepare for it before the test. One should know that there is a possibility of losing or winning, and therefore hope for the best but prepare for the worst. One should also opt to take the failure as a lesson to improve rather than as proof of their ability. Sometimes your best might just not be enough (Juul, 2013). Conclusion Accepting that the results of a challenge could go either way i...
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