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The Role of Chemistry in Environmental Protection (Essay Sample)


DISCUSS THE role of chemistry in environmental protection. THE ASSIGNMENT MUST HAVE 200-500 WORDS.
you must demostrate coherence in your ideas. Observe the basic academic writing structure. INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE reliable SOURCE. USE APA REFERENCING STYLE. you source(s) must not be published ealrier than five YEARS.


The Role of Chemistry in Environmental Protection
Is chemistry relevant in modern ecological conservation? Non-petroleum fuels such as power alcohol and benzol are prevalent since they emit lesser toxic emissions. Green dry-cleaning and bleaching agents are less poisonous than those from chloride compounds. Chemistry has led to non-carcinogenic cleaning agents and non-petroleum fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus aiding environmental protection.
The use of non-petroleum fuels is significant in environmental protection. Carbon dioxide gas emissions from petroleum products' combustion aggravate global warming and air pollution. According to Saini (2017), power alcohol and benzol are some non-petroleum fuels used to reduce the greenhouse effect. Benzol, produced through fractional distillation of light oil, is used as a motor fuel due to its low knocking value and reduced release of toxic pollutants.

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