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Dishwasher: Stand-Alone Machine Without Many Appliances To Operate It (Essay Sample)


The task was about dishwasher


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Overview of a Dishwasher
A dishwasher is a machine that is operated by electrical means and used for washing dishes and drying dishes automatically at home. Nonetheless, a dishwasher is also a person who washes dishes. Its mechanism of operation includes the incorporation of a physical scrubbing technique to ensure that all dirt is removed. It relies heavily on spraying water which meets the part which performs physical scrubbing. Water used is ordinarily hot and mostly ranges at temperatures between forty-five and seventy-five degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures are usually used for items which are fundamentally delicate. A mixture of dishwasher detergent and water is sprayed on arms which are in rotary motion thus hitting the dishes with a clean mix (Verstraete, 2017). Once cleaning is completed, water with all the dirt from the cutlery is removed by draining followed by pumping of hot water employing an electromechanical solenoid. After finishing the rinsing cycles, the dishes undergo drying using mild heat.
A dishwasher is a stand-alone machine which does not incorporate many appliances to operate it. It has a standard width and depth of sixty centimeters. It is installed in a hole that is a minimum of thirty-four inches in addition to casters and other countertops. A dishwasher has a service kick plate whose function is to allow the operator to perform simple maintenance operations and installation. In addition to that, they are energy and water sufficient machines which have essentially passed all the international energy certification models. Dishwashers have transformed from the past by incorporating new elements that ease the mode of operation. They have a front panel door that allows access to the interior. Modern dishwashers are fitted with upper and lower racks (Verstraete, 2017. The lower compartment is used for placing glassware, cups, and saucers while the upper segment is used for positioning the plates, silverware and other tall items. The inside of the dishwasher is made of mostly stainless steel or plastic. To prevent children from accidentally starting the machine, a child-lockout feature is installed.
It has two or three rotating spray arms which are fed from the bottom end and the wall at the back thus leavin

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