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ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS Life Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Explain the role human beings play in environmental protection with reference to the book "Not for humans only: The place of non-humans in environmental issues."


Environmental Ethics
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Environmental Ethics
Human beings can have a moral demand to protect nature. In an anthropocentric sense, human beings will perish if the environment is left unprotected. Researchers argue that in order to save the environment, ethics must be extended beyond humanity to sentient beings and other holistic entities. This ethical viewpoint demands that humanity respects every element within the environment because it owes its existence to the environment. The environment affects human beings in several ways. For instance, pollution leads to ill health. Climate change endangers homes, the depletion of resources affects the standard of living, and the loss of wilderness leads to a reduction in medicines (May & Delston, 2017, pp. 534). Human beings must protect the environment not only to ensure prosperity but because they have a moral obligation to consider the interests of future generations.

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