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Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification. Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The task involved a discussion of the role of molecular biology in evolutionary classification. The sample entailed an analysis of ways in which dna technology directly affects evolutionary classification and the use of the dna technology to develop accurate classification schemes. the sample also gave an insight on the potential influence of molecular biology and Dna in future evolutionary classification.


Molecular Biology in Evolutionary ClassificationAuthor’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
Role of Molecular Biology in Evolutionary Classification
Molecular biology plays a critical role in evolutionary classification. Potential changes and variations primarily influence the patterns of changes in evolutionary classification in the composition of cellular molecules such as RNA, DNA, and other protein molecules. According to many experts, the universality of DNA provides a strong basis for common evolutionary ancestry, thereby providing evidence for evolutionary classification (Crowson, 2017). This paper critically discusses the role of molecular biology in evolutionary classification with particular focus on how recent advancements in DNA technology are enabling scientists to develop more accurate classification schemes, the potential influence of molecular biology, and DNA technology on the future of evolutionary classification.
There are several ways through which recent technological advancements in DNA are enabling scientists to develop more accurate classification schemes. Advances in DNA sequencing have made it possible to achieve accurate genetic typing of organisms, thereby allowing the scientists to identify patterns of genetic diversity and improve the accuracy of the contemporary evolutionary classification schemes. 

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