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Racial Injustices in the U.S (Essay Sample)

This was a philosophical task whereby i was required to review an article that was provided. it was one of the articles by the human rights watch, which was about incidences of racial injustices in the united states of america. The major argument of the article was that there is no such thing called equality in the U.S. even though the CONSTITUTION requires that everybody, regardless of their ethnic BACKGROUND be treated fairly and equally. source..
Name of the student Professor Course Date Racial Injustices in the U.S I reviewed a Human Rights Watch report to understand why the United States has fallen short of its constitutional pledge of equality for everyone. This article focuses mainly on the issue of racial injustices in the United States. The Human Rights Watch is widely regarded as a reliable and credible source because of its extensive investigations, balanced reporting, efficient use of the media, and strategic advocacy, most of which is accomplished in partnership with regional human rights groups. According to the facts provided, in 1996, the U.S signed an international convention that deals with the eradication of all forms of racial injustices globally (Human Rights Watch n.p). Even though the country recorded progress in 2000 as overt bigotry had become less common than thirty years ago, racial discrimination still exists within its territories. Inadequate implementation of anti-discriminatory laws, minority groups’ economic disadvantage, continuing discrimination in the workplace, segregation in housing, uneven access to capital, health insurance, and the judicial system injustices still increase racial inequities. In this context, justice is the absolute conformity of the U.S. with the convention by providing equality for everyone, such that all races in the nation are given equal opportunities for essential resources. This report proves that achieving justice in its entirety is quite challenging, even in highly democratic countries like the United St...
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