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Conflict Resolution Policy (Essay Sample)


Your supervisor knows that you are in graduate school and currently learning about conflict resolution. You have told her that you want to move into more of a leadership role in your organization. To assist you in building your resume, she has asked you to develop a conflict resolution policy, procedures, and training for your organization.
This is a preliminary document so she wants you to keep it short. This paper should include:
+ Introduction to the topic of conflict
+ a brief discussion about what workplace conflict is and why a policy is important policy and procedures for resolving conflict, and
+ a proposed outline for training topics.
+ Conclusion
This paper should:
+ Be approximately 4-5 pages long, double-spaced (1000-1200 words)


Conflict Resolution Policy
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Conflicts are part and parcel of human interaction. When two or more people share a similar goal, it is almost inevitable that they will have some conflict at some point (Keashly et al., 2020). One of the places where people gather with common goals is in the workplace. In the workplace, the goal should not be to avoid conflict entirely. Rather, organizations should focus on minimizing these conflicts and effective resolution. Evidence has shown that effective resolution of conflicts has the potential to increase cohesion, creativity, and innovation within the organization (Keashly et al., 2020). Consequently, it is important for work organizations to have elaborate mechanisms for identifying, reporting, and addressing conflicts. This paper will define work conflicts and discuss the importance of policy, procedures for resolving conflicts, and potential topics for training.
Workplace Conflict and Importance of Policy
Workplace conflicts refer to a situation where workers cannot agree on an issue. The differing opinions, in this case,

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