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Leadership In One Word: Describe Lewin's Change Process (Essay Sample)


Leadership in nursing practice


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Leadership in one word
If I were to define the word leadership in one word I would describe it as stewardship. This word can well describe leadership since leadership is all about being responsible for people, events, and activities that are under your jurisdiction, protecting them as well as ensuring that improve the situation.
Attributes of a Nurse leader
There are attributes that nurse leaders ought to have. The attributes are as follows, diligence, high professionalism, attentive, action-oriented and quick problem-solving abilities (Cook, 2001).
An example of an effective leader
An example of an effective leader in the world is Bill Clinton. The reason why Bill Clinton is that he managed to achieve a lot during his term as president which he managed by simply involving the parties involved in the various situation. Even after he left office, Bill Clinton has continued to spearhead numerous projects through his Clinton Global Initiative where the movers and shakers of the world to engage in projects that are beneficial to the society such as projects of eradication of Malaria.
Describe Lewin’s Change Process
The Lewis change process was developed by Lewin Kurtin. The theory has three concepts namely driving forces, restraining forces and equilibrium. According to the theory, the driving force motivates the patient to act according to the desired direction. The restraining forces are those factors that demotivate the patient to move in the desired direction. Equilibrium is a point where the restraining forces equal driving forces. The theory has three stages. The first change is the unfreezing stage. This stage involves events and activities that help patients to let go of a habit that has negative effects. This stage is motivated by an increase in driving forces. The second stage is the change stage. This stage involves a patient adapting habits that are productive. The third stage is the refreezing stage where the patients adapt to the change as his or her new habits (Kritsonis, 2005).
Innovation that occurred or is occurring in my current practice.
Information management is one of the innovations that has occurred during my nursing practice. Information management has ensured that nurses store patients’ data on computers rather than the traditional bookkeeping method. Currently, nursing informatics has been introduced to ensure that nurses learn IT during their nursing course at the university or college in preparation.
Effective strategies to implement the change.
The first effective strategy to implement this change is to train the nurses on how to use computers, store and retrieve patients’ data with ease. The second effective strategy to implement this change is to educate nurses on the benefits of this innovation and seek their acceptance. The last and third strategy to implement this strategy is to involve nurses (Anderson &Willson, 2009).
The role of a nursing leader is to influence culture and climate. What does this mean?
Nursing leaders are important in ensuring that the subjects who in this case are the nurses follow the culture of the medical organizations th...
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