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Personal Reflection On Values And Ethics: A Successful Job And Career (Essay Sample)


The paper examined Personal Reflection on Values and Ethics and personal REFLECTION

Personal Reflection on Values and EthicsStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliation
Personal Reflection on Values and Ethics
Presently, the need to obtain quick success has been on the rise, and is a subject that has stirred controversy. Many people today tend to obtain quick success, and sometimes use shortcuts to attain wealth. Success means different things to many people. I will begin by defining value, which is a person’s beliefs that motivate their actions. These values serve as a personal guide for their behaviour. Certain values have fundamental worth, for instance, truth, happiness, and love. The scared values will hardly ever be compromised since these values are viewed as duties, and not as the measure for weighing in decision making (Stone, & Olson, 2016). Many people are determined to have quick riches. Some believe that having a lot of money will guarantee their future. The implication is that with money, they can afford everything they need I their lives. Indeed, they tend to forget that money cannot buy happiness. Some perceive it as having a lot of money. While working to achieve success, there is need to embrace moral values/ virtue.
My value entails a successful job a career that will enable me to grow professionally as I uphold a sense of responsibility. Indeed, the level of education is considered to be a formal method of impacting capabilities and skills to people so as to ensure their success. Moreover, education plays a vital function in the process of conveying skills that are considered relevant to the mind of the learners, particularly the ones in the higher education level. In my view, individuals grow professionally as they apply their competence as well as ideas in a way that will make them successful. Therefore, people especially the young ones, are expected to join the reproach projects that are beneficial to themselves and community at large (Jamieson, & Gellermann, 2014). Moreover, the youths should always go for the occupation choices which motivate them, to ensure that they establish an actual motivation which will drive them to the path of career they wish to pursue. As a matter of fact, there are kind of jobs which may drive individuals to financial stability so faster than expected. Nevertheless, people ought not to be pushed into the fields of career for the reasons that are not appropriate. Additionally, the people should go for careers that give them motivation as they inculcate ethics and a sense of responsibility.
In the view of Stone and Olson (2016), success should be incremental, calculated and righteous. Born in the time of over scheduling and structural behavior, it is believes of this generation that they remains not probable to be on the fast track. Moreover, young individual perceive the pathway in order to attain the objectives of life through determined effort which begins with joining the right school, staying in the right places, recognizing the right values as well as getting the best job. The current generation desires for a lot of freedom which is supposed to be balanced with sense of certain responsibilities. However, for most youths, achieving freedom does not entail the choice of taking risks. Instead, freedom should be complemented by the feeling of determination as well as success, and the power of opportunity of a person to be all the things they want. Indeed, many people currently focus on developing their financial status (Stone, & Olson, 2016). Further, they are focused on increasing their net worth and self-worth. Thus, for them, finance is associated to the means, and the end. Overall, they are conscious that monetary securities brings opportunities.
For me, I will embrace patience and work hard to achieve my goals, which are not founded on material success but that which is built on moral values. Many individuals currently do not have the patience to develop their abilities and skills. For example, when the young people are employment, they only desire to be managers instantly when they are employed. Additionally, the youths should be provided with mentors as well as role models, who they are able to discuss different profound matters concerning their career path, use of money as well as their success, and the actualities of the daily work environment. This generation has perceived success in terms of possessing a lot of money and wealth (Jamieson, & Gellermann, 2014). Nevertheless, it is a matter of discussion that money is not the definite answer for happiness or it might be a short lived happiness. It is then advisable to embrace hard work as well as determination as the means to attain the required success, and hence it should not be confused with the process of money making. On the other hand, the youths should follow the right career paths, which motivates us and are not financially driven. The reasons being money may not allow appreciate tear self-worth. Thus, we should appreciate life gifts and appreciate that fact that we have our families, and relationships that we may drive our happiness from.
Again I believe that money can never buy happiness. We should realize that money is a gift that comes from our efforts that we really deserve. It is for this reason that I would strive to earn my money after working hard. It is important for humans to avoid getting money through immoral means such as money laundering (Stone, & Olson, 2016). It should be recognized that irrespective of how one is rich, if they lack family they can never be happy. Equally, health is one of the essential gifts that we should always appreciate because money cannot buy health. It is a gift from God. Overall, we should work and do things that only inspire us. We should always strive to set our goals such as having strong relationships and friendships while interacting with our communities.
The virtue ethics as postulated Aristotle require everyone to do the right thing to achieve happiness. Therefore, to achieve happiness, I will always strive to do good things that will only give me satisfaction. However, it is important to note that the motives that lie behind our traits are always mixed and complex (Jamieson, & Gellermann, 2014). Therefore psychologist argues that even at our best we are out for ourselves not for others. In this sense, some people will be motivated in achieving their success driven by an urge to get quick success. Therefore virtue ethics advocates for obtaining success or wealth through the moral way. Some even involve themselves in money laundry or corrupt activities. Similarly, Kant ethics of deontology asserts that what is intrinsically good is goodwill and it has the universal, purpose for all. This theory denounces using a human being as the means to end and not the end itself. With this theory, I believe that everyone should be purposed to do good things that will benefit the majority (Stone, & Olson, 2016). For instance, if one is corrupt, then they rob the public of what belongs to them. Each individual is expected to pursue the path of morality including those who have been the responsibility to give services to the public. I will strive always to do the right thing because that is what we live for.
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