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Role Of Leadership In Developing Proactive Risk Management Plan (Essay Sample)


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Analyze the roles of leadership in developing a proactive risk management plan. What demonstrable behaviors should be role-modeled by the healthcare administrator?
Reflect on two strategies that you use, or could use, as a professional nurse to be proactive in protecting your license and in delivering quality patient care.


Role of Leadership in Developing Proactive Risk Management Plan
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Leadership’s first authentic priority in any healthcare is to be responsible and ensure effective care while controlling the safety of employees, patient and as well as visitors. Competent and efficient leadership automatically results in the improvement in the safety of any healthcare. Effective leadership will always comprehend that procedural flaws exist and each step in the healthcare is prone to failure since human beings make mistakes. Risk management to patients and staff are prevalent in healthcare. Therefore, it is always very significant for any healthcare to have efficient healthcare risk managers to develop, implement, access and control the risk management plans with the aim of reducing the exposure. The priorities to healthcare include the patient care, finance and finally safety.
The healthcare managers are always responsible for identifying and establishing the risks thus controlling the injuries to the patients and the staff. Therefore, the risk managers in a healthcare work proactively and reactively to curb the negative impacts following the healthcare events. The role of the healthcare risk managers can, therefore, be summarized to handle several issues like making preparation for an emergency, clinical researchers, psychological and human intelligence and finally ensuring financial, insurance and making claims on management (Thomas, 2015).
The risk managers are obliged to be self-driven and very competent when it comes to the handling of the healthcare issues....
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