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Human Resources: Difference Between Part Time And Full Time Employees (Essay Sample)


Attached is the City Shuttle Inc. Case that this Human Resources report will be written about. This is a team project and each of us are assigned one problem. My problem will be the first problem identified within our report, which is the difference between part time and full time employees (benefits, health plans etc). The rest of the problems that the other group members are working on (to avoid repetition in areas of the report) are: - Female discrimination (mass receive more bookings) - Since they have no HR department, issues are not properly addressed and casual drivers can't communicate w the organization - Harassment (the company has preference over customers rather than when an employee is been harassed) - Casual drivers (not enough hours and they cover overnight shifts, where they are harassed) - Pursuing union representation Please complete this section of the report in 2 pages, double spaced, and include 2 outside sources that relate to the issue of the differentiation between the part time and full time employees. Instructions for this report are also attached for further clarity.

Problem Identification and Analysis Name Institution Problem identification and analysis Problem Difference between part time and full time employees (benefits, health plans etc) One of the problems is the difference between part-time and full-time employees in terms of benefits and health plans. While full-time drivers enjoy dull benefits such as extended health and pension plans (Kauhanen, & Nätti, 2015). They get bonuses. Part-time drivers, on the other hand, do not enjoy the benefits. They are also unlikely to get bonuses since full-time drivers get priority treatment. Analysis of the problem The difference in treatment of full-time and part-time employees poses a problem for CS in the sense that it is likely to result in low productivity. There are a number of reasons why the casual workers are likely to be less productive. The first one is they are not engaged in the company’s work frequently (Garnero, Kampelmann & Rycx, 2014). Casual workers get to work only after the full-time drivers have got work. This implies that in the off-peak seasons, casual drivers do not work at all due to low volume of work. The inconsistent nature of their work means that these drivers never to get to be fully incorporated in the operation and culture of the company. They cannot, thereby, represent the company’s brand when working since they have limited knowledge on how the company operates. Another reason why casual drivers are likely to be less productive is lack of motivation (Kauhanen, & Nätti, 2015). These drivers are not motivated to work since they do not enjoy the benefits enjoyed by full-time drivers. The lack of motivation implies that they are unlikely to put in more effort to ensure that clients have been served well. Lack of loyalty is also another reason why part-time employees at CS are likely to be less productive. Since they do not have job security in the company, the part-time employees are likely to be less loyal to the company and this reduces the motivation to perform better (Garnero, Kampelmann & Rycx, 2014). This is of particular concern to CS since the drivers deal directly with clients. Lack of loyalty can make casual drivers to fail to treat the company’s customers and this will impact negatively on the company. Solutions There are a number of things that CS needs to implement to improve the level of motivation among casual drivers. One of them is increase the frequency with which they get jobs. The company needs to revise its policy to ensure that part-time drivers get jobs more frequently. For instance, the company needs to abandon the policy which requires all full-time drivers to be fully occupied before part-time drivers can get a job (Kau...
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