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Organization Currently Undertaking A Different Kind Of Management (Essay Sample)


the sample is about management in which sanitarium is the organization that is currently undertaking a different kind of management.


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An organisation is required to develop a positive organisational culture or the achievement of desired production level. The organisational culture influences the performance of employees in the acquiring an increased market share. Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing is a company that have acquired a competitive advantage in the health food industry through quality production. The employees are mandated to follow the mission and vision of the company in the production process to enhance the market share. The organisational change is focused on the choices and preferences of the targeted consumers for a continuous development in the food industry. Organisational learning mechanisms are used in the performance of the employees to enhance their capacity and teamwork.
Organisational culture
Organisation culture is the code of ethics and behaviours that are shared equally by all people within an organization and the system put in place by the organization. Some of the organization culture employed by the business can be beneficial to an organization in a certain way. If it prevents the organization from changing it may have a negative impact since the organization should accommodate change as it is inevitable. According to Alvesson and Sveningsson (2015) business culture is beneficial in that it set a standard of behaviour of employees. In Sanitarium all employees have a standard of healthy food production which is set and improves its competition and reputability. Business culture is formed in a vertical way from the managers to the seniors and finally to the down line employee (Bortolotti, Boscari & Danese 2015). When that culture is formed it becomes very difficult for one to change. Sanitarium leaders set a new role of culture coach and trained the employees to effectively support the change. Business culture influences the way a company relates with the external environment especially the surrounding community (Bolman & Deal 2017). Business culture influences the everyday conduct of the employee’s .In Sanitarium they have five core values to guide their daily conduct which include: care, courage, humility, integrity and passion.
Sanitarium change efforts
Change assists the business to stay updated which can help it to be more attractive to customer as well as to enable it maintain its customers as it brings about new opportunities. Sanitarium has made a significant change which has helped the business to stay current. The company has faced great change in the market and this has made it to adjust to its current status. Firstly the company is doing snackification of its products where the company considers that the customers do not have time sit down and have breakfast and therefore they prefer quick and fast food. The general manager of Sanitirium has put this into consideration. Sanitarium has advanced in technology as it established a sophisticated online system which is called iGro. Its purpose was to promote communication and individual performances of Employees. The Company have established good workplace of its employees which has made it to be awarded. The company has improved business culture where it has new role for the culture coach whose initiatives are supported by all employees.
Factors influencing organisational change and principles
Change is inevitable in any organization that needs competitive edge. Therefore an organization should embrace change in its organization culture. The following are the factors which may influence change within an organization: First is the advancement in technology which can be disruptive at first and in the long run it increases service and productivity. According to Lowry et al. (2015) technology affects the mode of communication within an organization. In the modern technology the use the organization operates in a digital system where it does not need to find people with useful information as it can search information or experts online. Secondly customer need affects the organizational the times change customer need change or grow enhancing demand of new products and services or the improvement in its brand. Customer lifestyle contributes to the need for change in taste and preferences (Bolden, 2016). In Sanitarium, the general manager explained in context how the company has changed by adopting snackification of the industry. He explains that people don’t sit down for breakfast anymore as they are looking for something quick to grab on the way out the door. Thirdly the growth opportunity influences the need for change in an organization ( Sigala, Chalkiti 2015). This is important to enable employees learn new skills and enhance creativity which brings new idea and innovation. This comes as a result of change in culture. Sanitarium has stuck to its mission and continues to shape expected staff behaviour. Forth factor which influences the organizational change is challenging status Quo. This is the need for new ideas and to meet customer need and new ways of delivering customer service.
Impact of organisational learning mechanism
Organisational learning mechanisms are measures put in place and the controls that govern a given organisation. According to Hwang, Wu,2014 Learning mechanism helps an organization to collect, systematically analyse and use information that helps in performance of the organization. This may affect the employee’s behaviour in a positive or negative way. Organisational learning mechanisms provide enhances training and development of employees. Sanitarium has promoted the learning mechanisms through some initiatives like annual team talk and leadership groups. The impact of organisational learning mechanisms includes the following: First is creativity as the employee’s idea is important to the success of a business. The organizational learning mechanisms can have a significant impact on business creativity and innovations and this improves productivity( Dawson, P., & Andriopoulos, 2014). . In Sanitarium the mechanisms put in place has increased productivity of the employees and this has made it to be the award winning company .Secondly learning mechanisms impacts growth of the business as they help in increasing productivity of the employees and allow improvements that will enhance organizational expansion. Third organizational learning mechanisms have managerial influences in that it affects how the leaders effectively do their work as they can influence good working relationship within an organisation.
Organisational learning mechanisms on employees
Organizational learning mechanisms on employees are measures put in place to enhance the capability of the employees and to enhance teamwork ( Hogan & Coote, 2014). These mechanisms which are employed by the leaders on the employees can either affect the business in a negative or positive way as they determine the success or failure of the business. Employees should be encouraged to exploit their potential within the business through supportive initiatives which can encourage teamwork. Employees should be motivated to as this contributes to productive entire workforce. Businesses should empower employees as a way of enhancing productivity through empowerment in at least basic activities and this makes the employees to be creative and innovative. Sanitarium has developed a culture that recognises every employee and this has been one of the contributing factors to its milestone success. The business has a program known as end of month award which recognises hardworking employees and this brings productivity (Kallio, Kallio, & Blomberg, 2015). An organization should come up with ways of encouraging employees like gifts. Sanitarium usually send gift on Christmas and other holiday to its employees and this makes the employees to feel as part of the business.
Organizational learning mechanisms are necessary in achieving the desired production level (Duffield & Whitty, 2015).. Therefore, Sanitarium should consider the following suggestions for sustainable competitive advantage in the health and food industry. First the business should focus on high quality goods production as a way of maintain its existing customers. They should focus on the taste and preference of customers by producing fast moving food like snacks as this will help in overcoming the competitive market. Secondl...
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