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Gucci in Italy and United States Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


G,H,I are the sections I am responsible for. ignore a- f
company i chose is Gucci in Italy
Tobin College of Business
Department of Marketing
IB 3341 – Principles of International Business Dr. Sylvia D. Clark
Your final paper requires you to compare and contrast the operations of a global business in the
United States with those in a second country of your choosing. Be sure to include the following:
(a) A brief overview of the company, including its key products (services) and targets;
(b) Legal, technological, and political aspects in the U.S. vs. your second country (chapter 3);
(c) Comparison/contrast of cultural factors, including implications for employees in (or
assigned to) each country (4, 15);
(d) Handling of ethical concerns in each country (5);
(e) Respective international trade policies, including the extent to which such policies
encourage/discourage trade (6, 9, 10);
(f) Economic and financial issues, incl. currency exchange and financing options (7, 18);
(g) Key management choices pertaining to both countries, including choice of strategic
alternatives and modes of entry utilized (11 – 14, 17);
(h) Major marketing decisions, focusing on degree of customization with regard to 4 Ps (16);
(i) Human resource issues in each country, as applicable (19).
You may assemble your paper in either paragraph or bulleted form. All reports are to be typed,
double-spaced, in 12-point font. PAPERS ARE DUE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND, AT
MIDNIGHT. Please send as a pdf attachment to [email protected]
Submissions past midnight are subject to a ten percent grading penalty. No papers will be
accepted more than 24 hours after the deadline! There is no specific page limit; be concise,
yet thorough. You will be graded primarily for content, but English (spelling, grammar,
punctuation) counts as well. An error-laden paper will earn you a lower grade.
Individual and group assignments are listed on the following page.
Company/country combinations:
Abed, Jakubowski, Springer: Gucci/Italy
Aronsen: Lululemon/Canada
Barone, Cilento: Red Bull/Austria
Bauza, Gallo, Parascondola: Nike/China
Bligh: Samsung/South Korea
Brion: BP/UK
Byrnes, Maddalena, Saponara: Amazon/Singapore
Cacace, Jusick, Schiro: Volkswagen/Germany
Congiusta: Coca Cola/Mexico
Elliott, Sosa: Sony/Japan
Galeno, Salerno: General Motors/Australia
Inzana, Tariq: L’Oreal/France
Magiera: Santander/Spain
Martinez, Martino, Simone: Svedka/Sweden
McErlean, Pabone, Pugliese: Smirnoff/Russia
Randazzo: Godiva/Belgium
Scandaglia: Nokia/Finland
Tortora: Nestle/Switzerland
Trapanese: Guinness/Ireland


Gucci in Italy and United States
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Course Name
Instructor’s Name
Submission Date
Part (g)
In both the USA and Italy, GUCCI has a specific entry mode being partnering and strategic association. In this entry, GUCCI has a supply chain management system that offers excellent support to medium and small-sized enterprises of its products. According to Cabigiosu (2020), the company relies on a few networks of potential suppliers who work closely to ensure the clients' social needs are addressed through the choice of brands. The company's supply chain involves several individuals from both countries who indirectly work for the House and aid in producing its collections. The stakeholders of the upper management personnel in the two countries frequently make decisions affecting the company's operations. For instance, the participants do close consultation regarding marketing strategies that should be applied in the two countries, noting that they have clients with diverse socio-economic inclinations. Not to mention, GUCCI focuses on strategic alternatives such as understanding the purchasing powers of the clients in both countries to increase the sale volumes and hence increase the overall revenue. Customers request brands from the House that are delivered by GUCCI's marketing personnel in both Italy and the USA (Cabigiosu, 2020). Lastly, the GUCCI managers in the two countries decide the strategy to address the clients' claims and do necessary corrections where possible.

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