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How To Develop And Manage An Operational Plan: The Main Processes (Essay Sample)


the task was on how to DEVELOP an OPERATIONAL plan ,the sample highlights the processes that are followed to develope them.

Manage Operation Plan Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Task 1 Activity 1 Developing Operational Plan 1.1 Research, analyses and document resource requirements and develop an operational plan in consultation with relevant personnel, colleagues and specialists resource managers. Establishment of proper Operations Plan is vital in any business organization. With excellent operations plan, company resources get utilized effectively in a way that caters for customer needs. Competition is a challenge to business organizations thus the need to develop new operations management in almost every financial period regularly. Operations management plan aids in guiding both employers and employees in the business organization. It is worth noting that company objectives and business targets get well documented within the operations management plan. For this reason, company staff gets to work by the business objectives (Noe et al., 2006). The operations plan can only become relevant to all members of the business organization if it gets well communicated through proper channels. Also, frequent staff sessions within the organization help in addressing issues related to the operation management plan in place. Company management authority needs to make it clear to the staff of their assigned tasks. Most importantly, the company staff needs to undergo training to comprehend the duties outlined in the operations plan based on their capabilities. 1.2 Develop and implement consultation processes as an integral part of the operational planning process A business organization should create room for consultations to be made. Through discussions, the contribution of all stakeholders within the organization gets accommodated (Ward, 2016). Communication channels such as open meetings, annual surveys, commentary sections, and informal meetings are a sure way of encouraging operations plan consultation by stakeholders. Proper consultation nurtures expertise, knowledge, and inclusivity of all company staff in every program rolled out. 1.3 Ensure the operational plan includes key performance indicators to measure organizational performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital in boosting the performance of the team within an organization. The KPIs though need to be presented in simple formats and be readily available to all members. Proper and relevant KPIs get identified if managers’ work within the company prioritized objectives. Also, the set KPIs need to be in line with both business performance as well as set objectives. Chosen KPIs should be relevant to the operations carried out within the organization. (Eastman et al., 2011)Time factor should get highly considered regarding relatability of the KPIs. The operation plan databases should be regularly checked to ensure valid data gets retrieved throughout the financial period of the company. Any KPI chosen by the management should be controllable in the long-run. Also, the business person should get given a chance to alter the selected KPI in a manner that suits the operation plan of the company. A successful KPI is on only possible if the operation plan management provides training to its staff on how the performance indicator works. 1.4 Develop and implement contingency plans for the operational plan It is worth noting that not all operations planned will function as expected. A contingency plan is therefore required to cater for unplanned occurrences within the business firm. Risks that could affect the business involve cases of sudden resigning by crucial staff, poor cash balances, a breakout of epidemics within the firm and huge debts (Engle, 2010). Coping with potential risks facing the organization entails doing a proper analysis of the dangers to ascertain their course. Common threats such as fire outbreaks could get handled by placing necessary equipment within each department. Also, risk avoidance could come in handy in ensuring the staff does not undertake activities that could potentially put the firm at risk. Risk retention and risk transfer are also a sure way of managing misfortunes within the organization. 1.5 Ensure the development and presentation of proposals for resource requirements is supported by a variety of information sources Planning and designing systems are essential to ensuring the company requirements get met by the relevant staff. Production, communication as well as administration equipment aids in effecting the operations of the company. Acquisition of company equipment relies on the size of the firm and the overall business environment. Necessary funds need to be collected in advance to facilitate the operations plan management. It is essential to select the business premises based on the needs of the customers and staff conducting business operations. Evaluating the business environment regarding costs as well as benefits is also important (Chen et al., 2010). Also, the operations plan should dictate the objectives the firm intends to achieve by boosting the sales performance of the staff. The program also gets to outline specific tasks to a particular team through proper communication links. Accrediting good performance attained by the staff through the operations plan gets to motivate the employees to work even better in their departments. Activity 2 2.1 Developing and implement strategies to ensure that employees are recruited and/or inducted within the organization’s human resources policies, practices and procedures Getting new workers entails considerations of factors such as skills, values, time and resources associated with the employees in regards to the operations plan. Also, the type of workers, roles, and duties and legal requirements of the incoming staff is of the essence of proper performance. A successful business firm should learn to effectively handle its staff by retaining competent personnel and laying off sluggish workers (Engle, 2010). 2.2 Developing and implement strategies to ensure that physical resources and services are acquired in accordance with organizations policies, practices and procedures An Operations Plan needs has a plan for each team of employees in which vital information concerning workers gets attained. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) for instance is used to avail information essential for Operations Plan (Howlett, 2009). With ACD, the business firm gets to know the type of staff, the period for tasks to get completed and the costs involved. 2.3 Recognizing and incorporate requirements for the IP for the IP rights and responsibilities in requirement and acquisition of resources and services Intellectual Property (IP) should get highly protected in any organization. Proper management of organization’s IP aids in bringing about the prosperity of the company regarding productivity and profitability. (Farooq et al., 2009) IP needs to be kept a secret from the firm’s competitors and if possible engage the use of confidentiality pacts to protect it further. Task 2 Models and Methods for Operational Plans Each organization gets a model that works best for its operation plan since there is no perfect model. Planners get to select models which they then modify to suit their business operations. Taking the most common model of Conventional Strategic Planning, it suits companies with many resources and goals (Ivanov, 2010). With this model, the planners need to consider the vision of the firm, analyses the entire firm, come up with multi-year plans, develop action strategies, and take into consideration the company staff that will eventually result in the success of the business. Role of Operational Plan in achieving organizational Objectives An operational plan is an essential device for overseeing operations in an organization. The operational plan avails vital data to the managers on what measures they should undertake to bring about performance success (Eastman et al., 2011). The operational plan helps in attainment of company goals through the outlining of timeline strategies, displaying performance measures to be followed by all staff, the duties assigned to each worker based on their qualifications, monitoring of company physical assets and ensuring all activities are carried out within the company budgetary terms. The Budgeting Process Budgeting and operational planning go hand in hand. A proper budgeting process entails several steps. First, there is need to note assumpt...
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