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The Steps Involved In The Strategic Human Resource Management Plan (Essay Sample)


This paper details the steps involved in the strategic human resource management plan

Strategic Human Resource Management Plan Name Institution Strategic Human Resource Management Plan In a small business strategic human resource management plan is one of the most important steps when coming up with a human resource plan. It is the first phase of constructing a human resource management plan and is used as a building block to the latter ADDIN CSL_CITATION {"citationItems":[{"id":"ITEM-1","itemData":{"ISBN":"9780324593310","abstract":"15th ed. Pt.1. Human resource management in perspective -- The challenge of human resoureces management -- Strategy and human resources planning -- Calculating turnover and absenteeism -- Pt.2. Meeting human resources requirements -- Equal employment opportunity and human resources management -- Job analysis, employee involvement, and flexible work shedules -- Pt.3. Developing effectiveness in human resources -- Expanding the talent pool : recruitment and careers -- personal career development -- Employee selection -- Training and development -- Appraising and improving performance -- Pt.4. Implementing compensation and security -- Managing compensation -- Pay-for-performance : incentive rewards -- Employee benefits -- Promoting safety and health -- Pt.5. Enhancing employee-management relations -- Employee rights and discipline -- Dynamics of labor relations -- Pt.6. Expanding human resources management horizons -- International human resources management -- Creating high-performance work systems -- Cases.","author":[{"dropping-particle":"","family":"Bohlander","given":"George W.","non-dropping-particle":"","parse-names":false,"suffix":""},{"dropping-particle":"","family":"Snell","given":"Scott","non-dropping-particle":"","parse-names":false,"suffix":""}],"id":"ITEM-1","issued":{"date-parts":[["2010"]]},"number-of-pages":"821","publisher":"South-Western Cengage Learning","title":"Managing human resources","type":"book"},"uris":["/documents/?uuid=671da95c-9bf8-3247-9a5d-2b10534ed776"]}],"mendeley":{"formattedCitation":"(Bohlander & Snell, 2010)","plainTextFormattedCitation":"(Bohlander & Snell, 2010)","previouslyFormattedCitation":"(Bohlander & Snell, 2010)"},"properties":{"noteIndex":0},"schema":""}(Bohlander & Snell, 2010). A strategic plan is used to give an organization a way forward on how to link the different departments towards achieving the goals of the organization (Abraham, 2012). A strategic plan is important to any small or big business to ensure that the employees are available; they are competent and competitive enough to maintain the dynamism of the business. This paper aims to explore the different steps in strategic human resource management plan in a small business based on the SWOT and SMART models of analysis. The business is a small business dealing in the flower business and is family owned and run, with the community as the main stakeholders and a limited liability company. The company was founded in 1924 and is dedicated to providing the best experiences to all its customers and clients. The business runs as a family whereby all the employees are business partners sharing the success of the business and helping to sustain the core values of the business. The business consists of three management tiers: owners, managers, and no-manager employees who are determined by the age of the family member. Mission statement The mission is to ensure that all customers get instant, professional, friendly, and courteous service and maintaining a professional environment to both the staff and the customers. The management will also provide fair prices to the customers while also making quality their main priority and also ensure that both the customers and staff are treated with respect and dignity. All the customers should be appreciated and thanked for having an opportunity to serve them. In this document, the goals and objectives to achieve the human resource management division strategic goals, thus contributing to the mission of the business. To do this the human resource division will make sure it operates within the context of the business budgeting and planning cycle. Goals * To reduce delivery and distribution time of products and services. * To reduce the number and frequency of complaints. * To actively recruit skilled workers into the organization. 1 To reduce delivery and distribution time of products and services Since the business is already a known brand in a positive cash flow with a loyal customer base and a good business reputation, we will buy two motorbikes. The motorbikes will be used to make deliveries to all our customers on delivery request. To achieve better results we will also hire two delivery cyclists who will be solely responsible in making deliveries. This is so as to reduce time wastage whereby the business employees had to do the delivery leaving the business shorthanded during the business hours or making late deliveries. This will eliminate the risk of late delivery and distribution as the new employees will be able to deliver the products and services during the working hours. With the motorbikes and cyclist we will cut the delivery time by at least half and also use it as one of our after sale service as we will offer free delivery services to all our walk-in customers. 2 To reduce the number and frequency of complaints As observed, most of the complaints based on the negative comments are due to late or delayed deliveries and also as a result of being unreachable by the customers. Since the business is still at small-scale level and we are willing to expand, we wil...
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