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How Poor Leadership Negatively Affects the Company' Success (Essay Sample)


the essay describes instances in which poor leadership may adversely affects the perfromance of the organization. it highlights some of the characteristics of poor leadership skills which may lead to business failure.


How Leadership Negatively Affect the Success of a Company
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How Leadership Negatively Affect the Success of a Company
Leadership is a process of social influence that maximizes individual efforts towards the achievement of their goals (Makambe & Moeng 2019). Various leadership styles are widely used in running business organizations, grouped as charismatic, transactional, and transformational leadership styles. Regardless of the leadership style, there are negative and positive effects of leadership on the success of any business kind. Adverse effects are associated with poor leadership style and can lead a business entity to failure if no efforts are taken to alleviate it.
Poor leadership is caused by a lack of competent leaders who fail to give proper direction regarding the motivation of staff and setups of the required work environment necessary for the business's success. It causes declines in employees’ morales and a lack of commitment to work towards the success of the business goals and objectives; the business 

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