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Impact of Diversity Climate on Employee Outcomes (Essay Sample)


This essay explores the impact of diversity climate on employee outcomes in different types of organizations: manufacturing organizations, hospitals, and universities. The essay identifies that organizational commitment plays a crucial role in mitigating the negative effects of a lesser diversity climate on employee intentions to leave. When employees have a strong sense of identity and belonging to the organization, they are more likely to overlook unfavorable aspects of the workplace, such as a lack of diversity or inclusivity, and are less inclined to leave even if they encounter difficulties. Organizational commitment serves as a psychological tool to help employees cope with a hostile workplace environment, reducing the likelihood of negative outcomes, such as intentions to leave the company.


Diversity Climate
Diversity Climate
Diversity climate has been shown to impact employee outcomes, and this essay examines how it varies across different types of organizations, specifically manufacturing organizations, hospitals, and universities.
Reasons Why Organizational Commitment Reduced the Effects of Lesser Diversity Climate
Organizational commitment primarily lowers the effects of a lower diverse climate on intentions to leave because it develops a sense of identity and belonging to the organization. Employees are more inclined to overlook unfavorable workplace features, such as a lack of diversity or inclusivity, when they have a strong sense of attachment to it (Higgins, 2022). Even if they encounter unfavorable outcomes at work, employees may be less likely to leave if there is organizational commitment among them. Employees might use organizational commitment as a psychological tool to assist them deal with the effects of a hostile workplace environment (Hofhuis et al., 2019). Employees who have a feeling of meaning and purpose are better able to handle difficult or stressful conditions. In consequence, this might lessen the possibility that workers will suffer unfavorable results, such as intents to leave the company.
Reasons Why White Managers Were Positively Affected by Diversity Climates
The study's findings 

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