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Organizational Leadership in Public Project Management (Essay Sample)


assessing organizational leadership in public project management. Comparing at least two different leadership styles that can apply in managing public projects. When comparing, include each leadership style’s effectiveness. Concluding with the effective leadership styles that a public project manager can employ to ensure project success.


Organizational Leadership Assessment
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Organizational Leadership Assessment
Organizational leadership involves leading groups of individuals to fulfill an organization’s objectives and mission. Project managers handle various projects and influence projects' success though they have to cope with numerous challenges, such as limited resources and tight deadlines. For public sector projects, the role often involves dealing with multiple stakeholders who may have different opinions that influence the project. Therefore, there is a need for project managers in government to develop competencies that can help them use available resources efficiently to complete projects timely and meet stakeholders' expectations. Success project managers require flexibility in their leadership style as it allows adjusting and applying different leadership styles depending on the circumstances. Thus, the leadership profile that applies in any situation may depend on the leader's intuition, personal predisposition, task complexity, and other organizational factors, highlighting the different leadership styles that project managers often adopt.
Leadership Styles in Project Management
The government uses public sector projects for socio-economic development and often involves various agencies executing them. These projects may require rule-following, accountability, and networking to ensure timely resource allocation and increased stakeholders' involvement for project success. 

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