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Maintaining Organization Overall Health by Downsizing (Essay Sample)


Must be 100 words minimum with at least 2 in-text citations and references
During the last two years of dealing with a worldwide pandemic the labor market has been hit hard. Organizations have had to rely on retaining employees rather than looking in the labor market for highly productive employees. The first step an organization should take in their efforts to retain productive employees is to understand why they are leaving. This can be accomplished by implementing exit interviews to ask employees their reasons for leaving the company. According to Fletcher et al (2018), “Previous research demonstrates that perceived T&D is associated with higher levels of retention, as T&D strengthens the social exchange relationship between the employee and their employer” (pp. 2701-2702). Training and development is a major component of employee retention because highly productive employees want to continue develop their skills to earn new promotions. Organizations have to provide paths for promotion in addition to training and development because without the ability for promotion employees will get tired of just T&D with no reward. According to Chakravarti and Chakraborty (2020), “a significant proportion of employees exit their organizations due to lack of listening to, understanding, interpreting, evaluating and responding to employees’ communication” (p. 67). Communication is key to retaining highly productive employees because lack of communication can lead to resentment from employees. This requires organizations to provide the training to supervisors and holding those supervisors accountable to communicate with employees. Holding managers accountable is vital in retaining employees because if a manger doesn’t provide support to employees those highly productive employees will look for a new manager and organization that will.


Maintaining Organization Overall Health by Downsizing
Please discuss the best downsizing practices and provide five practices with reasons why they are essential in maintaining the organization's overall health.
The ability of an organization to cope appropriately with changes, then grow from within, and function effectively to achieve high performance is referred to as the organization’s health. In other words, a healthy organization can align, renew, and execute itself to sustain exceptional performance for a shorter period than the competition. The characteristics of a healthy organization include; credible leadership, adequate cash or cash flow, appropriate credit line, safe working environment, and taking advantage of technology to enhance its operation among others (David, 2017). Most companies desire to maintain overall health in their organization to achieve organizational success.
There are various policies, practices, and strategies that organizations use to maintain their overall health. Downsizing practices is among one of the practices and it involves permanently reducing some of unproductive or divisions of the labor force (Cohee, 2019). Similarly, it can be defined as the means through which management reduces organization operating cost and size to increase efficiency, productivity, and organizational competitiveness. 
In most cases, downsizing affects several members of the labor force negatively, by 

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