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Sonic Corporation's Plan to Help Workers Grow Personally and Professionally (Essay Sample)


THE taSK was to assist sonic corporation to develop a plan to help its workers grow personally and professionally. It can include financial support for employees to take classes or participate in training events. Because of this, internal promotions will be less of a hassle for employees. besides, sonic was to inspire its employees in order to realize their full potential


Supervision in a Business
Institutional Affiliation:
Although Sonic has been in business since the 1950s, Sonic Corp. was not officially established until 1991 in Delaware. It is headquartered in Oklahoma City and has a Sonic Drive-In next to the headquarters building. They were a publicly listed company whose stock was traded under the ticker SONC on the NASDAQ until Inspire Brands acquired it. Franchisees operate the vast majority of the world's restaurants. There was a net profit of $19 million on sales of roughly $99.9 million in 2016. For morning at Sonic, you can get burgers, fries, onion rings, hotdogs, chilli dogs, and toaster sandwiches. Several beverages are available, such as soft drinks, frozen lemonade, and milkshake. There are countless different taste and beverage combinations that customers may generate. Desserts made with ice cream might be categorized as sundaes or floats. In the 1960s, the founders of Sonic established a supply and distribution arm called Sonic Supply. Marvin Jirous and Matt Kinslow, two brand veterans, were hired by Smith to head the division. Initially founded in 1967 as Sonic Supply, the firm rebranded as Sonic Technologies of America in 1974. Equipment, building blueprints, and basic operating guidelines were available to franchisees. The drive-ins were primarily located in Oklahoma's smaller communities during the company's heyday of regional prominence in the 1950s and 1970s.
* Introduction
Originally named Sonic Drive-In, the American fast food chain Sonic Corporation (stylized as SONIC) is a subsidiary of Inspire Brands. This company also owns Arby's and Buffalo Wild Wings. Top Hat Drive-In was established in 1953 by business founder Troy N. Smith Sr. (1923-2010). Having started as a simple root beer stand in front of a log cabin restaurant offering soda, hamburgers, and hotdogs, Sonic has expanded to more than 3,552 sites across the United States. Roller skating carhops are a trademark of the fast food chain Sonic, and the corporation has an annual contest (at least on most sites) to identify who has the best skating skills.
* Process of strategy
Strategic management is more than simply a series of steps. It is more than just a way of thinking about business. Strategy 

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