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IRTC's Project Time, Cost, and Scope Management (Essay Sample)


The Task was about advising IRTC to stick to its current project timeline and finish the change to the old billing system. IRTC has already invested so much time and money into the upgrade that it would be reckless to consider a fresh proposal at this point. besides, IRTC would do well to request that the vendor it partners with provide it with any ideas and interests that the vendor thinks IRTC could find interesting


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The management of the project's time, money, and scope is the focus of this study. In addition to the Legacy Billing Update, a vendor has provided IRTC with a customer service expansion. The accessory installation will take an additional four weeks and cost an extra $25,000. This work explains things that must be considered before accepting or rejecting the proposals, how the decisions would impact the general projects, the stakeholders to engage in the decision-making processes, and the critical factors that the stakeholders would need to discuss and agree on.
What do you need to consider before accepting or denying the vendor proposal? Explain.
It is critical to consider various things before denying or accepting vendor proposals. Firstly, it is crucial to consider the vendor's track records to establish whether the supplier has a reputable record or not. A reputable vendor is known when they have positive reviews from previous clients, have been in operation for several years, and have good ratings with business bureaus. Vendors with reputable track records have a history of meeting deadlines and providing quality services and products to their past customers. Examining vendors' track records and reputation is crucial since the business may ensure that it works with a trustworthy and reliable firm.
Another thing that must be considered before selecting the vendors is whether they 

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