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Management Competencies In Management (Essay Sample)


The aforementioned paper talks about five essential skills for managers, and they are: problem-solving, communication, leadership, decision-making, and adaptability. It discusses why managers need these skills, how they may develop them, and why the a're important for career advancement. The essay goes on to highlight the significance of the five competences in terms of critical thinking, creativity, initiative, multitasking, priority setting, and presenting a compelling vision. Finally, it recommends that managers actively endeavor to develop their abilities by, among other things, taking classes, attending workshops, and soliciting feedback from their peers.


Management Competencies In Management
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Management Competencies In Management
Competence in Management has provided several benefits, both natural and theoretical, to the field. Recently, however, there has been a movement in management theory and practice toward a focus on assessing and improving managers' skill sets. Many researchers in the academic world have tried, with variable degrees of success, to probe the relationship between various talents and their manifestations. To be hired or promoted to a management position, one must possess the requisite skills and abilities (Alvarenga & Silva, 2019). All effective managers and leaders need to include these abilities. This essay aims to do that by delving into a few of the most frequently encountered management skills and discussing how the manager in question might improve in these areas.
Solving issues is the foundational managerial skill that is of significant purpose in day-to-day management. It is essential to have the problem-solving skills to recognize a problem, investigate its causes, and then create and implement a workable solution (Chen & Liu, 2019). A manager's problem-solving abilities hinge on critical thinking, imagination, and initiative. When faced with a problem, a manager must be able to assess the circumstance, formulate a strategy, and then put that strategy into action. In addition, a manager's ability to multitask and set priorities is crucial for issue-solving.
Effective communication is the second core competency for managers. To communicate well, one must articulate their thoughts and feelings clearly and concisely to an array of target audiences. To communicate effectively, one must first be able to listen to and comprehend the needs of others and then articulate their thoughts in a way that resonates with them. Communicating information clearly and concisely is also essential to communicating effectively (Alvarenga & Silva, 2019). Leadership is the third core ability for managers since a leader must be able to inspire and motivate their followers. Leadership entails establishing high standards for work and holding individuals accountable for achieving them. In addition, a leader must articulate a compelling vision to their followers.
Decision-making is the fourth core ability for managers. The ability to make decisions requires examining available information, considering alternative courses of action, and picking the one that will be most beneficial to the company as a whole. A manager must accurately assess and evaluate a scenario to make the most appropriate choice (Walsh & Hines, 2020). A manager's ability to think critically and the willingness to make complex judgments are also essential qualities. Lastly, the fifth core competency for managers is flexibility. When we talk about adaptability, we are referring to the capacity to change and adjust one's behavior in response to novel stimuli. A manager who is able to adapt to new possibilities may evaluate the situation, consider their choices, and make judgments based on their analysis of the issue.

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